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Copy of Victorian Era

No description

Khawlah Hamd

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Victorian Era

Queen Victoria
* Strict and Traditional
*A big divide in social class
*Huge growth in population
*Poor condition for working class
*Improvement of Science and Technology
changed the way people were thinking.
Victorian Era (1837-1901)
Social classes
1. Lower class
2. Middle class
3. Upper class
- Working class
- Performed clean work
-Did not have to work
Lower Class conditions
-Work in factories
Hard working conditions.
low wages
child and women labor
-had very little chance for education.
Very hard living conditions
A. Often over crowded
B. Poorly ventilated
C. No sewage or drainage systems
Middle class condition
*Largest calss

*Consisted of bankers, shopkeepers,
merchants, engineers, other
Upper Class
* Wealthy and luxurious life.
*Best education
*No work
Balls, tea parties.....

3. Emily Bronte
2. Lewis Carroll
1. Charles Dickens
Bronte Sisters
Lewis Carrol
Charles Dickens
*Originally: Charles Lutwidge dogson
* Life time: Jan 27, 1832 - 1898 (England)
* Major Work : "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and
"Through the Looking-Glass"
*Other works: Logician, Mathematician, Photographer

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
*Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë were sisters and writers whose novels have become classics.

Why is Victorian Era important in
British Literature?

During the Victorian Era
Science, Technology and medical research
rapidly improved. Also, during the Victorian Era, the
population and economy
grew tremendously. This era furthermore saw the birth of feminism, liberalism and socialism. Lastly, literature changed during the era. This era was an extraordinarily
complex age
, that has sometimes been called the Second English Renaissance. It is, however, also the
beginning of Modern Times.
Victorian Literature
* 'golden age' for English literature .
* Literature of this age tends to come closer to daily life.
*Used to be written in prose .
*Used to have a moral message.

takes the
throne of

This was Queen Victoria when she was four and she was only a princess then.
Victoria was riding in a carriage with Albert to visit her mother.
Eighteen year old, Edward Oxford, shot at her twice.
Both times missed her.
Edward Oxford was tried and found guilty.
In March 1861, Victoria's mother died at her side.
Victoria's mother loved her deeply.
Victoria was heart-broken.
Albert started suffering from typhoid fever and died on the 14th December.
Victoria was devastated from both the deaths.
She only wore black for the rest of her life.
Victorian Clothing
Khawlah AL-muhammadi.
Maria Alghalib.
Ghada Aljuhany.
Ohood AL-motairy.
Najla AL-solami.
mrs.Nejwa Al-Ghoraibi.
Victorian Era Food
The Meals:

- Breakfast
- Lunch
- Dinner
- Supper

The main meal for wealthy is breakfast .
They had it at 9 o'clock
For example :

-Boiled eggs
-Fresh bread
-Tea or coffee

Just a snacks.

Between breakfast and dinner they had tea, tea time served between 3 and 4 o’clock in garden. They ate cakes and cookies with tea.

Tea time
Dinner of The Wealthy
They eat dinner at early evening and then
supper later at night.

For example:
-Vegetable salad.

The unemployed and poor people

Poor people don’t eat meat and rice, they eat cheese, bread and tea all the meals.

Make up
- Actresses were allowed to use makeup

- They always wanted to look pale, it was a mark of a gentility

- They don’t put too much makeup

- The dress was worn in two pieces and connected with hooks and ties

- The style of sleeves changed many times throughout the Victorian Era

- The neckline was worn in a high V-neck

The Crinoline
The crinoline was a flexible cage of steel used to create the skirt.

The petticoat
The petticoat was used to protect the skirt of the dress from the crinoline.

The corset was used to make a women’s stomach look smaller.

Parasol and Shawl
they worn it when they went out

was used to block the sun

Victorian Inventions
Jane Eyre
Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone.
Invented by: Dr John Pemberton.
Coca Cola
Invented by: Mr. Thomas Twyford
Thomas Twyford was a pottery manufacturer who invented the single piece, ceramic toilet which was much easier to clean than previous wood or metal models.

X-rays are invented.
The electric light bulb
invented by Swan and Edison for home use.

Kirkpatrick MacMillan invented the first bicycle with foot pedals in the 1830 to 1840's.
Queen Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria) the era called by her name .

Golden Era
- The Victorian Era, we can say its the most important and dynamic phase of British and Modern World history .

- This period is closely associated with great advances in the fields of science, engineering and architecture

Hair was thick, long and luxuriant in many different styles

Boots and shoes were almost always worn with heels
Women worn shoes and men worn boots

The important accessory
Made from velvet, satin and cotton
Birds were used as decorating piece on the hats

This piece was essential to give form to the dress.  

Popular games in the Victorian age
Stick and Hoop
Pass the slipper
I am thinking of something
Blind man's bluff
The Arab World during the Victorian age
4- Elizabeth Gaskell.
Most popular Victorian novelist

Many of his novels were published in serial form.

Pen name:
if meron.
Egypt came under British military occupation.
French forces landed near Algiers and occupied Algeria
Ottoman Empire handed over Cyprus to Britain.
The first cars appeared during the Victorian times, but only rich people could afford them. Early car drivers were required to

Horrible Histories - Victorian Work Song

In the 19th century, many Islamic regions fell under the tutelage of European imperial powers.
From the 6th May 1840, post could be prepaid with the first postage stamp, known as the Penny Black
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Elizabeth Gaskell
was a British novelist and short story writer during the Victorian era. Her novels offer a detailed portrait of the lives of many strata of society, including the very poor.
reading and studying
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