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Gun Control

Presentation for english research paper.

jillian brown

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Gun Control

Gun Control Jillian Brown Statistics About 40% of Americans own gun
In 2000, there were 52,447 deliberate and 23,237 accidental gun related incidents Argument Guns should be controlled in a more effective matter in order to keep our citizens alive.
There are many gun related deaths that could be prevented if there was more control over the use of guns and firearms. Requirements for people to own a gun People who want to buy a gun should be required by law to take a gun handling class in order to insure that they know how to operate it safely.
Consumers should be put through a background check to make sure they are stable enough to handle the responsibility that come along with owning a gun.
Automatic guns should not be available for public use. In this article they ran a study analyzing the relationship between gun possession and gun assault. Discovering that the likeliness that possessing a gun will not prevent or help the chances of being assaulted.
Therefore owning a gun does not give the amount of protection as much as they are claimed to give Investigating the Link Between Gun Possession and Gun Assault Arguments Against Gun Control Guns give Americans the ability to protect themselves and their families.
The right to bare arms is a right that is given to us in the Second amendment of the constitution and it would be a rights violation to take it away. Should Gun Safety Be Taught in Schools Colorado Shooting 6000 rounds of ammunition were purchased on the internet by alleged shooter James Homles.
It was said that he bought his 6000 rounds on the internet as easy as a college student can purchase books off of amazon.
The amount of ammunition that has the power to destroy one ninth of the population of Santee was given to a person who was obviously not in the right mental state to be able to handle the power that was given by a gun.
He used automatic guns giving him more power. Conclusion Our country would be a much safer place if we kept better control over gun purchases.
This control is not to take away the right to bare arms but to make more requirements in order to keep citizens safe and aware of the dangers of guns. "According to a 2008 statistical report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on firearms, there were 3006 firearms-related deaths among the US children aged 15 years and under in. In this group, 822 children committed suicide with a gun, 1972 suffered a gun-related homicide, and 212 died an accidental death that was related to firearms"
62% of teachers agreed that gun safety should be added to curriculum. Types of guns non-automatic gun semi-automatic guns automatic guns
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