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HQ/ Founded Date

No description

Hunter Hepp

on 2 May 2018

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Transcript of HQ/ Founded Date

add logo here
MIcrosoft And Yum! Companies
Stock Price
Microsoft Fiscal Year 2017
Microsoft made $90,000,000,000
Industry/ Sector
Microsoft is in the Technology sector.
Microsoft Went Public
March 13, 1986

Founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen

What do They Make? Games Technology and Software
Yum! Subsidiaries
Microsoft Colombia, Massive Incorporated, StorSimple, Havok, VoloMetrix, Jellyfish, Secure Islands, Microsoft Open Technologies, DATAllegro, Microsoft Productions Studio, Microsoft Advertising, Great Plains Software, Microsoft Egypt, Microsoft Operations Pte Ltd, Microsoft Licensing Gp, Microsoft Kids, Cycle Computing, International Software, Microsoft Island Operations
HQ/ Founded Date
The Headquarters is in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft was founded on April 4, 1976
Their price was 94.17 on 4/17/18 at 8:48 AM
Chief Executive Officer
Satya Nadella
Worked at Sum Microsystems
Yammer, Skype, Xamarin, Microsoft Studios, Altspace VR, Microsoft Store, Microsoft Research, Microsoft Mobile, Winternals, Rare, Anvande, Microsoft Press, Microsoft Research Asia, Microsoft India, Razorfish, MilelQ, Linkedin Corporation, Turn 10 Studios, Bit Stadium GmbH, Revolution Analytics, Microsoft Japan, Parature, Proclarity, Tellme Networks, Maluuba, Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt Ltd, Perceptive Pixel, Micrsoft Canada Inc, DICE Los Angeles, Adallom, Powersetg
Founded: May 30,1997
HQ: Louisville, Kenticky
Sector: Resteraunts
Current Stock Price 85.89 5:00 4/23/18
CEO: Greg Creed
Stock Peak: 86.29 4/20/18
Revenue 6.366 Billipon 2016
PUblic Date, 9/19/97
Founder: Andrall E. Pearson
What Do they make? Food
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