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On the sidewalk, Bleeding

No description

Jenny Tran

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of On the sidewalk, Bleeding

On the Sidewalk,
Bleeding Likes Summary By... On the sidewalk, bleeding is a story about a boy named Andy who gets stabbed by a group of haters. He tries to call for help but he was badly injured, since the "knife had entered just below his rib cage." He was bleeding heavily in the alleyway not being able to move or speak. The March rain was making his blood pour down his jacket that read "ROYAL". Some People passed by and noticed Andy, but none really cared to help him. As soon as they got a glance at the jacket, they ignored. He was a royal and people were scared. Jenny Huma And Danny -Andy would always be referred to as a "Royal" -When he heard the couple on the street talking, he related to Laura
-The drunk guy was adding humor to the story Dislikes -Andy being ignored
-How the whole setting was only taking place in the alleyway
-The time period of the story was within an hour
-No one ever helped or noticed Andy stabbed Significance of the Title: Interesting thoughts & Characteristics -Doesn't explain the story
-Doesn't bring/grab attention

Laura Conflict: -No one helps him or notices him
-Doesn't get resolved Atmosphere: Page 98: "They got me good that time"---It was fear and emotional
-He was confused (didn't know he was dying)
-He was thinking about Laura -Main Character gets stabbed & no one saves him Plot Point Of View -Third person limited

Honest: He knew he was dead when he saw Andy, and he called him a Royal instead of Andy. Setting -Takes place between 11:30-12:01 am on a rainy March night Calm: The minute he saw Andy dead, he remained calm. Making him smart and showing that he was a true officer. Police Officer Characteristics:
The movie we can relate to is called "Pay it Forward"
The movie is about a boy named Trevor and
had a project his teacher asked anyone to do for extra marks. It wasn't mandatory, but it was trying to help and save someone's life. He was only in grade 7 and decided to do it. In the end, no one would listen to him and he got stabbed by a bully. At that point, people finally caught his attention. Connections and Social Issues
Smart/Helpful: She immediately called the cop for help instead of just standing there Caring: She tried to help Andy at the end before he died Additional Information In Conclusion Issues Movie Connections overall we think this story is...... vague relationship between Andy and Laura
Andy being stabbed and no one Song Connection Theme -Don't judge others because of their appearance but from the inside not well explained and it also doesn't give enough information to what happened before he got stabbed. Overall, the story sounds incomplete. -We need to know how we will be known and remembered Mad World- Gary Jules
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