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A presentation about soccer.

Megan Smith

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Soccer

Soccer Soccer History Modern soccer first started to emerge from England. Soccer began to spread more rapidily as it became more famous. Soccer was orignally called football because it started in England. Soccer, or football, associations were created where ever soccer became famous. Soccer Positions Forwards, the offense, try to shoot a goal. Defensive trys to keep the other team away from their goal. The goaly protects the goal if the other team gets past the defense. The mid-fielders help the defense and the offense. Soccer Equitment MLS
MLS stands for Major League Soccer Major League teams compete against each other in Tournaments and season games. MLS supports many clubs that people can join. The MLS website has:
The League's Schedule
The League's News
Etc. Famous Soccer Players Some famous soccer players include:
David Beckham
Mia Hamm
Kristine Lilly
Faye White
Julie Foudy

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