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Marketing & Data: Perfect Together

Sharing what we've learned at CSC as we travel on our own journey

Nick Panayi

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Marketing & Data: Perfect Together

First, find the right people!
Then...ensure you have the right platforms..
Has "PhD" in digital infrastructures
Business savvy wrapped around tech core
Web master, qc, coder, tester, security, networking
Analytics jockey, modeling mad (wo)man
Your Website is the window to your company's soul...


Marketing automation platforms allow you to "codify" demand generation
A healthy database is a pre-requisite for success
Communicate, communicate, communicate!!
Exec level dashboards are critical
The power of modeling is within everyone's reach
start with lead scoring - right out of the box
Constantly run lead attribution models to predict best return on marketing investments
Predict the impact of content types based on combined variables
Use multiple metrics to model what "valued visits" look like (vs basic visits or visitors)
Takes into account pageviews, views of high value content (Success Stories, Insights, Offerings), commenting, social activities, form completions, video views, file downloads and Visitor Registration, Activation and Login
Currently the "recommendations tray" is used to show "other people also viewed" content. In near future this will be the carrier for fully personalized content based on complex recency and frequency of signals which will also help provide account level insights into categories such as offering affinity and buyer's stage.

a personalized experience helps build stickiness and shortens route to action
Seamless Integration between marketing and sales systems is CRITICAL
A Perfect Match
Study & Understand Behavior!
Digital Body Language

Social Forensics
Be Ready When THEY Are Ready!
Mapping prospects into one or more eNurture "streams"
Getting all the facts:
From Eloqua To Lead TeleQual To SFDC To Sales ...always available
Click to see "A Day In The Life of A Lead"


...with best -in-breed, multi-touch campaigns
Example: DHS ABM campaign
Click to see our CSC.com launch trailer

so make it ROCK!!
Click to see our iPad app trailer

...so you can build and nurture enduring relationships with customers
Company "Digital Body Language"
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