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My Brother Sam Is Sebastian

No description


on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of My Brother Sam Is Sebastian

My Brother Sam Is
By James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier
Vocabulary & Definitions
Muzzle- The open end of a gun
Deserter- someone who abandons the army
Vile- A dan
gerous, evil creature or human or thing that noone likes
Gaudy- Too showy or too bright
Militia- A type of army or fighting force that are ready at any time
Treason- when you betray your country by lying
Agitator- someone who provokes
Injustices- When something is u
Constitute- It's like the setup of something
Meddle- But into other people's business
4 inportant characters
1. One Important character for me is Tim Because he tells the story in a very interesting way

2. The second important character is Sam because he
is like the second main character after hi becausealmost all the book is talking of him.

3. The third charecter is life tim and sam's father because he is like their boss

4. And the fourth is their mom because she is the one that sends letters to sam.
What is The Setting
The setting is very ry and not very rich and nice. When I read the story I imagined a House in a not so rich village with dusty roads that turn into mud when it rains. I also imagined a farm where tim and his parents live wich is sort of like a farm and they have a type of bar too. On the trip to verlanks point I also imagined it dusty and mudy.
Time period
THe book is about a kid who has a brother and he's brother is in the army fighting for america to be freed from the british government. It is scary and Sam the one that goes to war sometimes comes home and
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