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Ötzi the Iceman

No description

Lyla Tordsen

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Ötzi the Iceman

Mummy Mystery
Ötzi the Iceman
Where was the iceman found? How old was it?
What has the mummy revealed about its society?
Ötzi the Iceman
Revealed that people in his time were very smart and sophisticated
knew how to melt and make copper earlier than what we thought
they tattooed themselves
Describe the artifacts found with the mummy, what did they reveal?
Ötzi the Iceman
his tools indicated that he lived towards the end of the Stone Age (stone, animal sinews, bow from trunk of yew tree)
his coat indicates that he was possibly a Shepard or a hunter (made of goat, hide was tanned using fat and smoke)
his copper axe suggests he was important to community (copper blade, tied on with leather)
Describe physical characteristics or marks on the mummy. What did they reveal?
Ötzi the Iceman
lacked a twelfth pair of ribs
has a remarkable diastema (a natural gap between his two upper incisors, or teeth)
lack of wisdom teeth
his body is covered with 50 tattoos in form of groups of lines and crosses
brown eyes
What's the mummy's age, gender, religon and cause of death?
Ötzi the Iceman
35-45.7 years old when died (skull)
He was a man
lived towards end of Stone Age (tools)
was a member of the first independent Alpine cultural group (Tamins-Carasso-Tseras)
discovered foreign body lodged in the left shoulder (arrowhead)
arrow head created 2cm hole, severed major blood vessel
As a result he probably bled to death in minutes
What other facts have archaeologists concluded about this person's life or death?
found in Otzal Alps (South Tyrol, Italy)
Found Thursday, September 19, 1991 by Erika & Helmut Simon
Found by the Final Peak in the Tisenjoch area
body was laying face down in snow
body was 5,300 years old
possibly a Shepard (why on mountain, coat,hat)
found arrowhead in left shoulder
arrowhead created 2cm wide hole and a result he probably bled to death within minutes
he had lime disease, heart disease
brown eyes
DNA test samples
refrigeration system
What technology was used to study this mummy?
Archaeologists- were the ones who discovered Ötzi
Radiologists- were the ones who used the x-rays and cat scans to see how he died
Pathologists- were the ones who found the origin and facts about Ötzi
Botanists- were the ones who studied about when Ötzi was alive and the environment he was in when he died
Anthropologists- discovered his religious beliefs and cultural development he was alive for
Describe the role of the experts who study this mummy.
What are the purpose and meaning of his tattoos?
Who is his killer?
Did he have a family?
What was his name?
Where did he live?
Why was he murdered?
Why did he have the copper axe?
Was Ötzi a bad person?
Why didn't the killer take the axe?
Where was Ötzi going?
10 Unanswered Questions?
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