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Free Verse Poetry

Using knowledge of free verse poetry, to develop language and literacy skills through the creation of blackout poetry.

Chellie L

on 19 April 2015

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Transcript of Free Verse Poetry

Free Verse Poetry
A Winter Forest

A harsh wind bites.
The signals are there for those
who understand; those who can
read the fauna and flora like a map.
Navigating through the forest…
through life.
Acorns are being stored under a
red carpet.
Shards of light pierce through
deciduous windows.
Evergreens wrap themselves
in a nice warm coat.
The snow arrives on iridescent
wings, stretching it’s arms and
cloaking all in sight.
A silence creeps in, it’s heart
slows to a single beat of a
dying honey bee…

~David Walliams
The poems...
"Poetry matters because it is a central example of the use human beings make of words to explore and understand. Like other forms of writing we value, it lends shape and meaning to our experiences and helps us to move confidently in the world we know and then to step beyond it." Ofsted 2006/07

In One Fell Swoop

Your words cut- like a woodcutters axe chopping me down,
blood spills onto the pine strewn floor. Exhaling words. Spoken without thought,
or love, trapped in an unbreakable bubble
that floats around my head.
Purple memories emanate from the centre, rippling into infinity, becoming distant…
lost to the edge of life.
I thought love would save me, but
it too floats away on a starlit stream.

~David Walliams
The Learning Objective:

I can identify a purpose for an appropriate audience using a free verse model, showing understanding of free verse by preforming with the correct punctuation, intonation and volume.
Using knowledge of free verse poetry, to encourage and further develop language and literacy skills through the creation of blackout poetry.
Poetic devices

and intonation
Punctuation and performance
Poetic structures/devices
Language comprehension/ must ensure understanding
Fluency in the performance

Michelle Lowe and Fay Smith
Blackout poetry
Thank you:
No differentiation
No writing-purpose is paramount

New Vocabulary
Poetic devices
Choose a text
Skim read text
Find an anchor word/emotive text
Focus on specific topic
Be creative
And So It Goes On

And so it goes on. The tinted sky flies so fast.
Birds screeching on Dovers hill while sheep pacifistically graze. The lime green leaves
shimmer and wave in a sudden breath of wind.

In the lee of the valley small bodies with
elongated shadows meander through
the surf of long grass. The return of the
swallows zip-wiring across endless sky
signifies that life continues.

The limes, blues and greens pirouette
and dance, blurring into a red sun.

~David Walliams

Cross Curricular
KS1 and KS2
Chosen texts/variety/topic
Reading skills/skim reading
Other poets
Children's ability
Using sequencing


National Curriculum 2014
OFSTED DfE 2006/2007
Reader response
New criticism
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