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Copy of Reintroducing the Sunsilk Brand: Connecting With US Consumers

Unilever Case Competition Entry

Alex McCord

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Reintroducing the Sunsilk Brand: Connecting With US Consumers

Reintroducing the Sunsilk Brand: Connecting With US Consumers Based on the co-creations idea
Focused on 'hair experts' A Unilever Case Study Alex McCord
Alice Pandraud
Claudia Fess
Henry Johnson The Campaign Made for You Made For You Made for
You Hotel Shampoo cant get rid Packaging Dark Blue
"Rays of color"
Eco Friendly Shelf Placement Eye Level
Jenn's Height Background of So Sunsilk was a dominant player internationally, that = instant US success, right? Wrong! 93% of Americans use shampoo an average of 6.25 times a week..... With a saturated market, how can you grow? Innovation! Target Market: 18-35 year old women
But who is the ideal consumer? Meet Jenn Price Economy matters
Value-Added Distribution Channels Retailers >60%
Supermarkets >20% of American women can identify "L'Oreal's 'Because You're Worth It"! 71% How can we integrate a great slogan into an campaign? Pop Up Stores
Social Media entire On Vacation.... Twitter
(need a Pic) What Is the Competition? The Big Four How can Unilever get Jenn to buy Sunsilk? These strategies will create sales for Sunsilk... But we don't just want sales, we want 71% of American women can now identify L'Oreal's slogan "Because you're worth it" Loyalty Twitter
Facebook TV Advertising Glee
Modern Family Social Media Pop-Up Stores Airports
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