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Natural Disasters

this is about natural disasters.

Giovanni Buchanan

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters
by: Giovanni,Ines,Jayden and Samuel Natural Disasters happen all over the world from china to
japan and things like earthquakes,volcano's,and tsunamis.
earth is slowly changing and shifting the plates all around the world causing these natural disasters. There are many differnt types of natural disasters like torando's, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and all other types of things.
Certain Natural Disasters will cause more damage than other ones like earthquakes and tornado's will destroy more landscape than volcano's and tsunami's. wildfire tornado tsunami sinkhole Down below you will see four examples of Natural disasters that happen all across the world from asia to africa even japan had experienced natural disasters. They experienced and Earthquake and a Tsunami. To summarize Natural Disasters are one of the deadliest things known to man kind and they affect our civilizations in many ways that i take's a while for our kind to rebuild the economy. But sometimes the deadliest things known to man are created by man himself. But in the end the deadliest thing to man kind is man himself.
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