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Inherited and Acquired Traits

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chris nelson

on 6 December 2017

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Transcript of Inherited and Acquired Traits

What makes you who you are?
Inherited and Acquired Traits
Hair color, Eye color, flower color, number of legs, blood type, birds flying south for winter, plants dropping leaves in winter, plants making seeds.
A characteristic of a living thing.
Inherited and Acquired
Physical features and your behaviors.
Hair color, eye color, ability to play sports and play instruments, emotions, a bird building a nest, flower color, etc...
How do we get these traits?
These are characteristics that a living thing gets from its parents. Get from birth.
These are traits that are learned or
built over time. You have to get these by practice or from work.
Playing sports, musical instruments
animals learning to hunt, speaking a language, learning to swim, getting injured.
Behaviors- A way in which a living thing acts or responds to its surroundings.
- An inherited behavior.
dogs chasing squirrel, spider making web, bird building a nest, crying, laughing.
Learned Behavior
- Acquired ways of acting or skills taht an animal learns or develops over its lifetime.
Speaking a language, swimming, catching a ball, learning to hunt.
Physical Trait
The appearance of an organism. How it looks.
Inherited Physical Trait-
A characteristic or physical trait that an organism gets from its parents.
brown eyes, curly hair, number of legs, flower color.
Acquired Physical Trait
- Characteristics or physical traits that an organism gets during its life time.
bruised hand, straightened teeth with braces, leaves on a plant spotted from disease, broken leg, scar.
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