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Chinese tea culture

No description

Sandy Stuller

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Chinese tea culture

Chinese Tea Culture
Sandy Stuller
Chinese tea is used for traditional
chinese medicine and is used in chinese cuisine There is a lot of special
circumstances for which tea is prepared
and consumed. Some are showing a sign of respect, family gathering, apologize, and to pass on the tradition. Green tea and tea extracts help
to fight cancer and helps to
lose weight. Tea in china has been one
of the "seven most important
matters in the chinese life" Tea originated in China
around 4000 years ago. More than 40 countries in the
world grow tea with asian
countries. Which produces ninety percent of the worlds output. Hong Kong's tea culture
came from the chinese tea
culture. In china tea was one of the
seven daily necessities. Tea
in china differs from other
countries like europe, Britain, and Japan.

Preparation,tasting, and
occasions for which is
consumed are all different
methods from other countries.
It evolved from a palace treat
to a beverage during the Jin
Dynasty. During the Tang dynasty
tea trading became really busy.
This is when famous teas were developed.
It was first found in the
South west part of china. The ming dynasty is where
boiling to brewing was completed.
After that dynasty a lot of
teas were invented. The tea culture
is being perfected continously. Chinese symbol for tea Chinese tea house Green tea The day to celebrate tea would
be called Tea Day. It would
celebrate drinking tea. Everyone
all over the world will make tea
and drink it at 12 noon. They
will drink it in their homes, at
work, or school. Anyone who wants
to enjoy drinking tea can do this. You
can take some time off and it will
relax you if your stressed.
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