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Graduate Marketing

No description

Kristin Holder

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Graduate Marketing

To Do: Kristin Holder Orchestrated Target
Marketing Strategy
for TTU Graduate School Year Total Number of Graduate Students Enrolled What is the Problem? Strategies: Constraints & Limitations: Short-Term Goal: Raise Interest and Inquiries from Potential Students Update Website and Recruiting Materials Undergraduate and Local Recruiting Funding (minimal) Support and time from University Administrators and staff of Graduate Studies and IT departments Support and participation from current graduate students Strategies: Constraints & Limitations: Medium-Term Goal: Increase Graduate Enrollment Follow-Up emails and calls about inquiries and incomplete applications by current students Personalized campus visits for prospective and admitted students Overview with Graduate Admissions
Faculty Meeting
Campus Tour with Current Student Funding for Graduate Assistants and supporting CV materials
Support and Time of Graduate Admissions and Graduate Studies staff
Support and Time of Faculty and department staff
Conducive Facilities
Endorsement from all graduate colleges and their staff and faculty, top administrators, current students, and community
Addition of new faculty Strategies: Constraints & Limitations: Long-Term Goal: Improve Prestige and Perceived Opportunities Name Buys of High-Achieving Students from Testing Services Communication with Admitted High-Achieving Students from Faculty Funding
Positive Interaction with friendly faculty and staff
Availability of faculty in all graduate programs Organize Graduate School Website with simple, clean and easily navigable layout.

Specialize graduate recruiting materials to target populations and with common factors.

Active recruitment of current undergraduates and alumni in the Upper Cumberland.

Build and maintain relationships with students through personalized attention via email and phone.

Host students on campus to experience the faculty, students, facilities, community, and atmosphere.

Acquire contact information of motivated and driven students from graduate admissions tests.

Open communication between graduate faculty and high-achieving accepted students.
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