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Bohr's Model

No description

Tessa Stacy

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Bohr's Model

Fatema Momin and Tessa Stacy
Worked at University of Copenhagen in Denmark
Also worked worked with Rutherford in Rutherford’s laboratory
Worked on model primarily during the early 1900s
Bohr's father was a physiology professor at the University of Copenhagen, which was a source of interest for Bohr in science
Bohr also worked with Rutherford, who had developed the planetary model a few years before
Tools and Data Collection
Experiment and Model
No true experiment
Bohr's model was created in 1915
Atom has small, positively charged middle
protons and neutrons
Adapted Rutherford's planetary model by stating that electrons had a fixed size and energy and each shell had a set amount of energy
Rutherford's model would have electrons spiral into nucleus and collapse the atom
Believed energy of an electron depends on the size of the orbit and is lower for smaller orbits
Conclusions and Contributions
Bohr's theory on electrons was key to understanding the properties of elements. He proposed that electrons jump from higher energy levels to lower energy levels. While his model was not perfect, it led to a better understanding 0f the atom and "paved the way for the development of quantum mechanics."
Rutherford's planetary model sparked the interest for research
Bohr used spectrograph data to create his model
spectrograph- using a camera to separate light into different wavelengths
measurements of strength and width of spectral lines to find the composition and physical properties of a substance
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