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Collaboration role in PLC

No description

Mariam Saif

on 18 October 2015

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Transcript of Collaboration role in PLC

Gartell defines collaboration terms as "working in a team with others to solve problems and accomplish tasks that cannot be accomplished on one's own" ( Gartell, D., P.512, 2014).
Team work “Collaboration”
Done By :-
Afra Alaryani
Amal Ali
Shaima Abdullah
Mariam Aldhuhouri
Submitted to :-
Dr.David Litz

Ongoing- process
Better results
operate under the assumption that the key to improve learning for students is continuous, job embedded learning for educators.
DuFour, DuFour, Eaker and Many (2010)
Main Ideas around PLC
ADEC's Vision
UAE School's Visions
A vision is what you and the other members want to create or accomplish as part of the organization. A vision is not imposed by one or a few people as an organizational mandate. Rather, it is derived from the members of the organization, creating common interests and a sense of shared purpose for all organizational activities.
The creation of a school vision, as an integral component of the change process, emerges over time and is based on common values and beliefs.
Education First
Recognized as a world class education system that supports all learners in reaching their full potential to compete in the global market.
Al Dhabiania school’s vision:-
Al Dhabiania is a symbol of distinction, creativity and national belonging
Moza Bint Butti school’s vision:-
An educational school with quality, an attractive environment and an effective social communication are our vision for a better future.
Let's Collaborate
Step 1
Step 2
Halima Alsaadya school’s vision:-
Educational quality .. Distinguished Professionals Creative generation.

Step 3
Collaboration role in PLC
Let's Play
Discussion Time
Process Of School-based Collaboration
To understand others' philosophies and build trustworthy relationships, individuals need continues in work together to make the communication easier and effective.
Effective Communication
It's the most important and sometimes difficult aspects of collaboration.
The Effective Communication
In the school, teacher collaboration clearly seen in professional development (PD) (Good, T. & Brophy, J., 2008).
Professional discussion
Types of professional collaboration
Add to that, Boon and Spencer described collaboration as " an interactive process involving individuals with varying levels of expertise who work together to solve a mutually defined problem (academic or behavioral, minor or complex)"(Boon, R. & Spencer, V.,P.88, 2010).
Team work “Collaboration”
To establish a PLC, the school leaders and teachers need to establish the structures for teamwork by observing the PD session for example.(Thessin, R., 2015).
Teaching processing is the key to improve student learning. Creating collaborative culture of PLCs is the great strategy to improve both teaching and learning.(DuFour, R. & Mattos, M., 2013)
Action research
Peer coaching
Curriculum development
In team works, the issues being discuss must understood by all individuals participating in collaboration process.
Effective communication discussed by Boon & Spencer in their book "Best Practices For The Inclusive Classroom" with main points as follow:
Good listeners is one of the main requirement in effective communication.
The strategies how to send and receive a message during the communication interaction and how to respect each other play main role in effective communication.
Let's Reflect
The principal as professional learning community leader. (2008).
Aylsworth, Anthony James, (2012)
Aylsworth, Anthony James, (2012)

Let's Collaborate
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