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The Ministry of Environment

No description

esha maheshwari

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of The Ministry of Environment

Environment What is the purpose of this ministry? Agreements Canada - Ontario Agreements respecting
the Great lakes basin ecosystem Acts Antarctic Environmental Protection Act By: Cecilia S., Redait k., Hamna I., Daniella S., Alina H. Provides info. and regarding responsibilities, related to Antarctic environmental protection act, permits application process. Canadian Environment Protection Act Info on progress , which proposes to ensure more effective enforcement of laws that protect our national parks, our land, air water, and Canada's wildlife. Info on Canadian protection act - encourages
public participation in environment decision
making. Environment Enforcement Act Migratory Birds Convention Act Provides info. on Environment Canada's responsibilities that are about the conservation of migratory birds population, by regulating potentially harmful human activates that affect them hunting, or use of migratory birds for scientific research. Species at Risk Act Includes info. on the species at risk act, as well as a link to the public registry, the primary way to get info., and documents relating to species at risk act. The Canada - Ontario Agreements aims to
restore and protect great lakes basin ecosystem Canadian environment protection
act agreements Administrative agreements, Equivalent Agreements,Related Federal / Provincial / Territorial Agreements,Related International Agreements, one of the agreements are administrative agreements administrative agreements are working arrangements between the federal government and provincial/territories govt. Environment Performance Agreements Allow parties with common objectives to address
a particular environment issue. Great Lake Water Quality Agreements Expresses the commitment to maintain and
restore the chemical, physical and biological integrity of the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO OUR PRESENTATION Please listen
to Redait
and Hamna
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