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Something wicked this way comes.

No description

Hannah Nguyen

on 1 January 2013

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Transcript of Something wicked this way comes.

By: Ray Bradbury chapters 3 & 4 chapters 5 & 6 chapters 7 & 8 Jim lies in bed, fascinated by the world. his mom walks in and he tells her, he'll never have kids because they'll end up hurting him. she tells him he is like his father. when she leaves, Jim knocks down the lightning rod to see what will happen.
the lightning rod sales man stops at the store that Charles Halloway stopped at. he sees the woman, she represents all the beautiful woman in he's life, he wonders what will happen if he touches it. the store doors swing open and he walks inside. Chapter 1 & 2 will and Jim are sitting on the front of their lawns when a traveling lightning rod salesman arrives. after talking with the boys, he offers them a lightning rod for a storm that promises to come that night.
After they installed the lightning rod, the run to the library. where Jim looks for a book with evil and excitement, and will looks for a book with goodness and peace. As they leave the library they notice the sky is clear, but the goosebumps on wills arm says there will be a storm. the boys run home. Charles Halloway understands why the boys run and feels the urge to run with them. he thinks about the Will and Jim, and wonders why people are the way they are. He sees the boys as representatives of two different types. Jim will always see the blows and doge them, while will will be the one who gets hit and does not understand why the blows come at all. after he leaves the library for his nightly drink, not for him but for the boy he once was.
Jim and will run through town, and notices Mr. Crosetti crying. he was crying because of the smell of cotton candy. as he leaves the bar, Charles halloway notices a man putting up posters the advertises, "Cooger and Dark's pandemonium shadow show." inside a store he sees a poster for the most beautiful woman in the world. he looks at the ice sculpture and realizes that it looks like a vacuum, a hallow shaped woman. he stands transfixed for a while.
Jim and will go to a theater, where they see people undressing then doing things they didn't understand. will didn't like it, but Jim couldn't resist. Jim and will find a paper that advertises, the Cooger and dark show, that is coming that night. they read all the different things on the paper. without thinking about it the head inside and say good night.
will walks inside to see his dad so sad, and mom so happy. he has the handbill for the show in his hand. when will steps into the room, he hides it. will can tell the carnival worries him. 9 & 10 Something Wicked This Way Comes chapter 11 & 12 At three in the morning, Will and Jim are awakened by the sound of the rain. They hear the calliope. both boys look out at the train with binoculars and realize it must go to the carnival. Jim decides to go watch them set up, will follows.
will and Jim are brought to agony of the whistle. they follow the train to the meadow, it has stopped.they see a balloon with someone in its basket, and a tall man in a dark suit get off. they begin to set up. when darkness lifts the tents are set up and the field is empty. they boys run home scared. chapter 13 & 14 Charles see Jim and will run by. on the way home he passes the empty store where the lady in ice had been, but all that was left was a pool of water, a few shards of ice, and of pieces of hair in the the ice.
Will hears his father muttering three words to himself. Charles Halloway thinks that three in the morning is a special time. He reflects that three in the morning, when despair is deepest, is when the train came. chapter 15 & 16 will and Jim head out to check out the carnival. while they're there, they bump into their seventh grade teacher, Miss Foley. she was searching for her nephew Robert, and then heads off into the mirror maze. she goes in a panic, feeling lost. miss Foley goes home, and the boys stay away from the mirror maze.
at sunset, Jim disappears, and will goes in the mirror maze where he finds his friend transfixed. he pulls him out. Jim was incoherent, muttering about how amazing it was. Jim wants to go back, will doesn't want to return. As they leave they trip on a leather bag. chapter 17 & 18 The boys realize it was the lightning rod salesman's bag. they wonder why it was been abandoned. Jim convinces will they must stay at the carnival to solve this mystery.
Will and Jim went on the merry-go-round since it was the only ride they haven't observed. they hear a voice, telling them to leave, and a man picked them both up. they saw a man, named Mr. Dark. he introduces Mr. Cooger. Mr. Dark only looks at Jim, and only shows Jim is tattoos, he tells them to leave and come back tomorrow. they run off, but Jim looks back and jumps in a tree. he watches as the carousel runs backwards and so did the music. as it ran, Mr. Cooger was turning younger. chapter 19 & 20 will and Jim chase the twelve year old, Mr. Cooger. he runs into Miss. Foley's house. Jim follows, and rings on the doorbell. Miss Foley introduces the twelve year old as her nephew Robert. Jim and will realize they cant tell her, so instead they tell her that Mr. Crosetti has died. they leave miss Foley's house, and agree to meet up tomorrow. will drags Jim outside, angry with him. he tells Jim that the music on the carousel is Chopin's "Funeral March" played backwards.
when they both get home, they both get yelled at. Charles Halloway warn Will to be careful when he goes out. Will throws marbles at Jim's window to get his attention, but there was not a response. chapter 21 & 22 will see Jim's window open. Jim starts down without contacting will and goes off on his own. will follows, and Jim stops at Miss. Foley's house.
Jim tells Will to leave. will punches Jim in the nose. the boy sees Jim and will, he goes upstairs and takes all Miss. Foley's jewelry and throws it at Jim and will. he calls for the police many times. Jim takes off after him, and will follows. now. everyone thinks that they are thieves. chapters 23 & 24 they chase the young Mr. Cooger to the carnival grounds. Mr. Cooger gives Jim a hand to go on the carousel. will attacks him before Jim can get on. he runs to stop the machine, but Jim fights him. will tries to explain that the older Mr. Cooger can kill them. but they continue to fight, the carousel accelerates wildly. the control box blows up and the carnival lights all go out. Mr. Cooger is now well over one hundred year old, hes alive, but barely. they run away as quick as possible.
the boys call the police, and Mr. Cooger is not longer there. They enter a tent, where there was all the freaks. the dwarf, is the lighting rod sales man. Mr. Cooger is strapped to an electric chair, Mr. Dark introduces him as Mr. Elcetrico. Mr. Dark runs electricity into the body, and Mr, Cooger comes alive MR. Elctrico convinced the police into thinking it was all an act. chapters 25 & 26 Miss Foley knows there is something wrong about her nephew. She understands that throwing her jewels was a way to get rid of the boys who would try to stop her from riding the carousel, where is will find happiness. she wants to make sure they don't interfere with her future. she calls Charles Holloway, and asks him to meet her at the police station.
will and Jim, afraid that the police will never believe them whath they know about the carnival and its works, lie about their names and addresses. consequently, the police dropped them off at a strange house near the police station. will sees Jim holding tickets for free rides. will explodes. he cannot believe that Jim doesn't see the danger. their vocies get quitet when they hear Miss Foley and wills father talking about the break-in at her house. MIss Foley asks, if the boys are innocent why arnt they here? will jumps out. chapters 27 Mr. Halloway and the boys walk back towards home. Gaining entrance to his home and his room without waking his mother poses no problem for Jim, he simply uses the secret iron ladder that he and will installed under his bedroom window several years ago. Seeing this secret ladder intensifies even more Mr. Halloway,s unhappiness with himself. sadly and painfully he realizes that he is too old to run like Jim and Will anymore. chapter 28 late night, intimate talk with his father, Will questions his own goodness and its possible effectiveness when surrounded by wickedness. He then turns from thoughts of himself to concern about his father. Since his father has said that he is too a good person, Will questions why his father is not, therefore, a happy person. here, Mr. Halloway launches into a deep discussion about the unrelated natures of goodness and happiness. He tells Will that sometimes those who smile and laugh do so to cover up their wickedness. Halloway admonishes his son to distinguish between the dark smile and the light one. being good is not easy, confesses Halloway, because wickedness never stops tempting. chapters 29 & 30 Will notices that Jim has taken down the lightning rod. while he ponders Jim;s vulnerability to the "storm clouds" of the carnival, he senses the presence of a balloon in the air. Jim next door, senses the arrival too, and both boys simultaneously fling open their windows for a closer look at what the witch painted on their roof. to their surprise, they discover that there is a balloon and that is propelled by the carnival's dust witch. they wash off the line. the boys clean the roof and go back o their bedrooms. will takes out his archery set and tried to call back the witch. he knows that although she cannot rad thoughts, she can sense excitement and feeling. he takes her to a different house. he turns his back at the witch waiting for her to attack. as soon as she comes, he turns around and makes a tiny slice, air starts leaving the balloon. he watches as the balloon shoots out of control. chapter 32 & 33 Jim and Will take a walk in the rain when they see a little girl. she begs for help, and is petrified. they go to Miss Foley's house and she inst there, they are sure that, that little girl is their seventh grade teacher. they hear the music and realize that the machine is fixed. they went to get the little girl, but realizes that the parade is coming. they hide as it passes.
Will calls his father to tell him that he is in hiding, for a couple of days. he asks his father to wish him luck. Mr. Halloway walks out into the now sunny day. chapter 34 & 35 Jim and Will hide in the grille underneath the cigar store. the parade stops in front of them, and Mr. dark sends signals for his freaks to find their pray. a little boy drops his gum in the grille, he sees the boys and goes to get his mom.
The dwarf looks at the boys, and takes mental pictures, but moves on. Mr. Dark tells Mr. Halloway about two boys have been chosen to be a special guest of the carnival. he holds out his hands, which had a picture of Jim and will on each palm. Mr. Halloway lie about their names. Mr. dark clenches his fist, and the boys feel the pain. the dust witch comes in and begins to sense whrer the boys are. But Mr. Halloway blows smoke in her direction and she has to leave. Mr. Dark leaves also, but comes back and asks for HAlloway's name. he tell him the truth, and where he works. He tells the boys to meet him at the library at 7. Chapter 36 & 37 The Dwarf Realizes that Charles Halloway saw the boys under the grate, and rushes to tell Mr. Dark. The Illustrated Man rushes towards the grille, looks inside but its empty.
Charles Halloway sits in the library, trying to figure out what was happening. the had told the mothers nothing that was happening. He know that it is something terrible and they have to face it. Chapters 38 & 39 Will and Jim so into the library where they tell MR. Halloway where they have been hiding, and there story from the beginning. Mr. Halloway tells them that Dark and Cooger have been running this carnival for many years. He tells them that he will help them through this.
Mr. Halloway explains how the carnival works. It goes through towns and finds those who have no one to help them, and it feeds on them. Dark and Cooger themselfs could be hundreds of years old. They thrive on suffering, they feast on the pain and fear of others. chapter 40 & 41 Charles Halloway explains that people torture each other in all sorts of exquisite ways throughout their lives, and the carnival sense that and feeds off of it. The carnival inspires such fear because people are more afraid of Nothing than Something. Death is Nothing. they start planing to attack the carnival, but before they can get anywhere, the door opens and Mr. HAlloway tells them to hide. Mr. dark asks Charles where the boys are. He threatens that the witch can stop his heart. He tortures Will's father with words. then walks down the halls to search for the boys. Mr. Halloway heart throbs. Chapters 42 & 43 Mr. Dark starts tempting Jim, saying he can still ride the carousel. And he says they took will's mother for a ride on the carousel, and that she looks hideous. will begins to cry, and Mr. dark follows the sound and finds Jim and Will.
Mr. dark grabs both of them. Charles tried to stop him, but dark crushes him. He walks out with the two boys and two of his freaks. he tells the witch to stop charles' heart. chapter 44 & 45 Charles doesn't resist. he tells her to make it quick. He takes one last look before he dies, and starts laughing. he laughs uncontrollably. this does physical damage to the witch. Charles runs out into the night with a smile on his face.
Mr. Dark walk with the boys. He tells the what to do and say to people walking pass. He tell Jim that if Mr. Cooger doesn't survive, Jim can take a ride on the carousel, and become his partner. Then he'll turn will into a baby for the Dwarf to carry in his arms. they walk toward the carnival. chapter 46 & 47 They go to the carnival. Mr. Dark introduces the witch as the bullet catcher. she tells him that Charles is still alive, and he becomes furious. He pinches a picture of her on his arm, and she whimpers in pain. He asks for a volunteer for the act, Charles volunteers.
Mr. Halloway walks towards the stage. Mr. Dark throws him the rifle. He calls for his son, to help him. will, in a trance-like state appears at the entrance of the mirror maze and takes place next to his father. Halloway carves a crescent-shaped smile into the bullet's shaft. He fires the rifle with a smile. She falls, and becomes dust. chapter 48 & 49 MR. Dark shouts that the show is over and for the lights to be turned off. will and his father go to get Jim, who is in the mirror maze. Jim hears them and exits. The images of his father are reflected throughout the maze.
The mirror maze threatens to crush Charles Halloway.Will lights the match to stop the images, but his father knocks it out of his hand. He lights the lat match and tell his father that he loves him no matter how old he is. Halloway looks at himself and his son and the maze, and laughs like he did with the witch. Chapter 50 & 51 Charles shatters the mirror maze with his laughter. they search for Jim. when they hear the carousel music they know where Jim will be. Charles Halloway tells his son that they need to find Jim and deal with Mr. Dark and Mr. Cooger.
the freaks didn't attack Charles and will. Will runs to Jim's side pleading to climb down. He grabs Jim's hand but misses, and Jim adds another year to his life. Will lunges at Jim, trying to jerk him free. Instead of freeing Jim, Will is pulled onto the carousel. He finally succeeds in jerking Jim free, but when he falls to the ground, Jim lies silently, as if dead. Chapter 52 & 53 They ponder whether their friend is alive, a boy runs over to them claiming that a man with tattoos is after him. MR. Halloway rips off the boy's shirt, and the boys is covered in tattoos. nine year old Mr. Dark tries to escape. Mr. Halloway hold the boy tight, and embraces him in a hug. The affection is torment to Mr. Dark, the boy falls back, lifeless. Mr. dark is dead, Charles Halloway watches as Will tries to revive Jim. As soon as they leave the tents all fall down, everyone leave and the carnival has fallen apart. but Jim is cold and silent. chapter 54 will begins to cry. But his father slaps him and reminds him sadness and tears are what the evil ones wanted. They start laughing, singing, and dancing. Jim joins their dance. Will grabs his friend and weeps. Will is proud of his father. Charles try his best to destroy the control box to the carousel. The boys run back home, and Halloway follows. All three reach their destination at the same time, and happy, they walk back into town Thank you !!! "Something Wicked This Way Comes." SparkNotes. SparkNotes, n.d. Web. 23 Dec. 2012. "Something Wicked This Way Comes By Ray Bradbury Summary and Analysis Part III: Chapter 52." Something Wicked This Way Comes: Summary and Analysis: Chapter 52. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Dec. 2012.
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