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American Revolution

Events leading up to the revolution,where America was finally free and an established country.

Michelle Thatsanithone

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of American Revolution

http://hotchkissfamily.lbbhost.com/French-Indian-War.jpg The Proclamation
of 1763 was when all settlers west of the appalachian was to move back east of the mountains. This angered the colonists. Some of the colonists had already bought land in that area. This event created more comotion from the colonists and eventually more conflicts arose for Britain. Proclamation of 1763 http://presidentgeorgewashington.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/proclamationlineof17631.jpg Taxes & Sons of Liberty http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/24800/24821/stamp_act_24821_md.gif Many taxes were brought upon colonists in the new world. One of them was the called the stamp act. A group of men called Sons of Liberty protested against this act. A year later, Parliament repealed the stamp act but still made new taxes on the colonists. Boston Massacre http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_IyV9T_OlUro/TIltiqcBxeI/AAAAAAAADMs/dVZmdKe3qBE/s1600/Boston_Massacre3.jpg The colonists were sick of how the troops were taking over their land. So they gathered anything thing they found on the streets and headed for King St. When the colonists threw the rocks,stones,etc. at the soldiers,it made them confused and they started to shoot randomly. In the end,5 colonists died. Boston Tea Party http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_xEehooYC6Rk/TE-MrBtKbyI/AAAAAAAACmY/iu8KbVCZQpU/s1600/boston-tea-party.jpg Three ships arrived to Boston and the colonists took action. 200 men dressed as indians boarded the ships and dump every last crate of tea in to the waters. When Britain heard of this they passed the Intolerable Acts. First Continental Congress http://www.sonofthesouth.net/revolutionary-war/political/continental-congress.jpg Colonial leaders gathered together to discuss the acts put against them. 12 out of the 13 colonies attended the meeting. They talked about boycotting British goods,creating a militia,and demanded for the repeal of the 13 acts that Parliament put on them since 1763. To keep the peace,Britian sent troops. Paul Revere's Ride http://strengthfortoday.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/paulrevere.jpg Britian was going to send thousands of troops to the colonies take or destroy the weapons of the MASS. miltia and arrest the leaders of the militia. Word was spreading fast thrugh the colonies. Road To The American Revolution By: Michelle Thatsanithone,
Erika Negrete, & Amy swearingin MOD 7 start here The first part of America being its own country.
Native Americans fought along side the Britsh
and together they fought for control of world
trade and power on the seas against France.
This led to the Proclamation of 1763. French & Indian War Battle of Lexinton and Concord http://www.standstrongforliberty.org/images/BattleofCamden.jpg The redcoats came to Lexington and 70 minutemen were waiting for them armed and ready to fight. But the British were able to pass them in the end. The British continued to Concord,even though there were more men were waiting to strike at Concord's North Bridge. British kept marching down the road as the militia fired. In the end when the British reached Boston,atleast 174 were wounded and 73 dead. Second Continental Congress http://www.mofizixgr4fix.com/images/declarationsigning.jpg On May 10,1775 the continental congress met for the second time. They decided it was tie to govern the colonies. They discussed the printing of money and setting up a post office with Franklin in charge. Made committees to talk with Native Americans and other contries. Created a Continental Army to fight against the British in a more organized way then the militia did with Washington in charge. Battle of Bunker Hill http://www.bluemoon.net/~tammy/genealogy/EzekielOldsMilitary.html The British wanted to draw the Americans away from there usual place,overlooking the city. So they assembled at the and of the hill. When it was time they charged up the hill and the battle begun. Americans sent the Bristish running back and the Bristished fired two more times. Eventually,the Americans ran out of gunpowder and was forced to withdraw. The British won but they knew that defeating the Americans wouldnt be easy or quick. Declaration of Independence http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_JjLmrbWjcNw/TDDT8RlcClI/AAAAAAAAFxM/L3G6_Ij78hI/s1600/declaration-of-independence2-art.jpg The declaration was written by the committee of five. It says that the colonists have the right to be happy,to live,and to have equal rights. Which the colonists didn't get from Great Britian. This document was stating that this is why we want independence and that Britian didn't control them anymore. Through these strugles for independence,Britian wasn't going to let the colonists off that easy. Military Advantages and Disadvantages Britian's advantages were that they had a strongest navy,an experianced and well-trained army,and the wealth of a worldwide empire. Briatain's disadvantages were that they had to wage war on a fairway land and were forced to ship soldiers and supplies thousands of miles across the alnatic ocean. Patriot's advantages were that they were fighting on their own land and fought with great determination to protect it. They were also led by Washington. Patriot's disadvantages were there army and military were not as good as Britains. Crossing the Delaware http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_xNppngg-A-w/SfcW2qe44jI/AAAAAAAAAz8/FtaZJVoV6d8/s400/Washington_Crossing_the_Delaware.png During the winter British troops usually stopped attacking. On Christmas night of 1776,Washington took 2,400 to surprise the enemy on the other side of the river. The next day came and the Americans captured 900 hessians. Washington's troops marched on to Princeton and drove away the British. Battle of Saratoga http://www.oneartprints.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/The-Surrender-by-Fauvel.jpg There were to be two more groups of soldiers meeting up at Saratoga. But sadly the two other groups never showed. Which left General Burgoyne only with the troop in which he led. As he was heading south,
American troops blocked his path. He found himself surrounded by an army three times his own army. He wasn't going to give up yet,so he sent his men to attack. General Burgoyne eventually surrendered and over 5,700 soldiers handed over there weapons to the Americans.Britains paln to seperiate the middle and the New England colonies failed. Valley Forge http://mrsoskil.wikispaces.com/file/view/valley_forge_picture.jpg/109864537/valley_forge_picture.jpg British General Howe and his troops were in Philadelphia. While they were cozy and warm, Washinton was setting camp at Valley Forge. It was a terrible winter. They lacked decent food,clothing,and shelter. Most men also lacked blankets and clothes. Most men left or resigned,the army seemed to be falling apart. With strong determination,the army survived the winter and things started to get better. Huts were built and supplies was gathered from the countryside. Volunteers made clothes for the troops. In the sring new troops joined the army and word of the new Frence alliance spreaded. Victory at Yorktown http://www.mccordfamilyassn.com/yorktown80.jpg The French were now allies to the Americans. The first fleet of french troops to help aid the Americans in the war got trapped soon after their arrival. Washington had a plan for the second fleet of French soldiers,he want them to capture the British troops that were in Yorktown. When the second fleet arrived in the end of steptember,14,000 French and American soldiers trapped Cornwallis's 7,500 British and Hessian troops in Yorktown. British began running low on supplies because it bursted out into a fight and many troops were wounded or sick. So,Cornwallis surrendered and the Partroits won. Treaty of Paris Britain began to realize that the war was costing to much. Delegates were sent to Paris to work out a treaty. The Treaty of Paris was approved in April 1783. The traty was singeed and Britian made peace with France and Spain. Because of the treaty,Britian promised to withdraw their troops if the Americans gave them right to fish from there waters. Americans also agrees that merchants could collect debts owned by Americans. And it also states that any property taken from Loyalists was to be given back to them. http://www.marylandsar.org/SAR-Images/articles/wagner-treaty-of-paris.jpg We hoped you enjoyed it! (: THE END!! :D

and thanks for watching!
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