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Compositional techniques

year long project

Rodney Williams

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Compositional techniques

This is a black and white photo, taken with a Low Camera angle. It is a picture from Paris. It is balanced well because it uses value to focus on the picture. I feel like its of a war time were they show France ideal to give hope. Overall i like the photo because it is balanced very well. They did a good job because they make stories behind the photo. This is a colored Photo. It is a picture of Spiderman in new york city fighting. it is a high camera angle photo. It uses depth to make change the emphasis to Spiderman. I think that the photo is almost at the end of spiderman, it's right before he rises up and wins. I like the photo's color and how it's arranged. i think the photographer do good in capturing feeling in the photo. This a colored photo. It's a tight shot photo of elvis presleys face. It shows great focus with the tight shot, because it shows little background around his face. I think that he's try to show emotions and one of them hidden is angrier. I like the photo in all i think the artiest does good job of capturing feelings. This is a colored photo showing good use of Framing. the photo is even and very color, making eyes attract to the photo. i feel like the photo is telling you to open up tour life and experience more of the wide world. i think the artiest did show good with the photo because it can make people convey ideas of seeing the world or trying new things. This is a colored photo of good shape repetition. the diamond are repeated and it make a dizzy effect. the water drop are repeated too a better effects too. It's focus in but it adds blurry affect in the background. I thin0...k its of a cage and something is locked in. I like the photo the artiest did well of capturing the environment. It colors are make emotions flow from the picture. The artist has lots of creative. This is a color photo of a fence over a bridge. It is show good use of lines. The form of the art is amaze because it gives you so many point of views. the shape are cool to because it make a up and down effect. I feel like it is a bridge leading over a hallway and it's for safety. The artist did good overall because of the many way people and view it and making different precipitations. it make it so lots of people can relate to there for the art can grow. This is a black and white photo of stairs using Composition curved lines. the repetition in the photo make emphasis on the curved line. the repetition draws the focus point on the curved lines too. It seems like someone is climbing the stairs to get the destiny for filled. The artist a good job of creating a scene with in the photo. when people look at this they can get ideas of movies and this from it. the artist make the photo take something with u when you leave. This is a colored photo of a drain. It has composition diagonal lines with in it. the focus point is great because the focus point make you ignore the diagonal lines at first to focus on what in the drain. I think the drain leads to a mini movie of animals living hidden from us. the artist did pretty well he creates two effect it the photo one is living Mysteries. The other is the Diagonals line create effects when you look at the big picture and don't let the focus point catch your eyes. they did very well in making the artist stand out because its so question able. This is a colored photo of a street with leading lines the street leads you down the road. The focus point is in the middle of the page and its the end of the street. It seem it is a road that has fought long for freedom and it leads to freedom and a new beginning. The artist did well in capturing movement in at and creating a focus point. I like the photo because of the color and the freedom its sets in your mind of the open roads and traveling. This is a color photo of a posed portrait. It is of Will Smith in I AM LEGEND. The photo has emphasis which shows great form and shape. i think the photos of him realizing that he can't change them and he's last alive. the photographer did great in capturing feeling and emotion. i like the photo because it surreal to it's environment, it brings you to real life and is enlightenment to you as you look at the photo. the shallow depth of field play as a big part in it to because it's like everything is focus on him. This is a black and white photo. It's of a portrait candid. It has form in the art to make the objects identifiable. The shapes are simply making it easy to figure out what the art means. I think it's of a photo of the working class in the 1950's. It doesn't express emotions but you could assume she's happy. The artiest could have gotten a closer shot and try and catch some emotion to do better. Personal I don't dislike the photo it just some things he could have did better on. He had the right think and mind frame. This is a colored photo. It shows a Interest night photo. It's value is very creative because it show got balance in the colors. It's very proportional which helps wit it unity of the art it just all comes together. I think it's the nite of a date and it were they are standing talking and they catch eye on this view. The art did well in the unity and the art and how great he balanced the colors. i like the art work it so interesting for me it start a rebellion in me to go see new things in the world or to take a look around. So over all i like it, It's well did art work. This is a colored photo. the picture is a shot of child. There lines in child face are sharp and fine cut and it make the art stand out in the middle and they background in shallow so it make a focus point in the art work.the form of the face is great and not just unreal or oval. I think the pictures of a child having fun on a hot summer day. it's looks like he's just in joying his self while play outside. The artiest did well even though the art is simple. I like the work it seems like he didn't try to hard to make it what's it not and keep it general. This is a colored photo. It is a color photo of an elderly person. It has great form and the form is showing through out the picture and Form works off of the lines and contributes to the shapes. I think the photo's of a elderly person who doesn't like help and he's tired of people treating him old. The artiest did well in put emotion in the art. I like the art work over all because it has lots of ways to interpret it. This is a colored photo of a dead tree. The picture is showing good texture. The lines form the texture and the 3D effect of the tree. It makes shapes in the art because of the lines and the shapes stand out. I think the art is over saving dead trees and that this shows effects and examples of whats happening. The artiest did well in the picture he caught a unique image of the tree dieing it's at it's very end. I like the photo the colors are attractive and they stand out and the lines add effects too. This is a colored photo of a mountain and valley. It is showing Reflection in the art work. The artiest incorporated form in the work and there's emphasis on the mountain and valley so there reflected. The the value are all around one theme of cold and cool blue colors. I think the artiest is of a long journey that they are about to begin and the mountains a obstacle in achieving that journey. I think the artiest did well with that art work because he matches lots of connection with the mountain. I think he did very well with the values it really gives you that cool feeling that is portrayed from the snowy mountain top. I like the art because it creative using the water as a reflection of the mountain instead of just masking it over with a line of symmetry. This is a black and white picture of books. This photo is of vertical composition. It's proportion is great for the books going from small to large. the proportion creates a balance effect through out the art. I think the picture of a library with the harry pother books. I think the photographer was trying to catch the book form too. i think that he did a good job with the photo because he used the books size to get balance and proportion. The artiest did well with bring effects with black and white and using the names to create real. This is a colored photo. The photo is of Radial Composition. The photo has a very fine focal point in which it balances the photo. The proportion is set to the middle to draw attention to it's center. I think the artiest making a telescope to look up at the stars and sky. The artiest did well with the unitary of the art it all comes together well. I like the art and i think the artiest did well with the art because it make picture of what can going on through out the art. This is colored photo of a needle. The photo is a extreme close up. The photo makes looks of rough texture and it gives you touch to the art. There are about five colors in the art work that work to make country feel like living out in the great out doors. I think that the art is try to make a feeling of hard work and then a cool feel of the day is over with the black in the back. Almost as if once you do your work you are done. The artiest did very well capturing texture in the art work almost as if it real and you can feel it by touch. I like the art it gives me a relaxed feel to chill. This is a black and white photo of a nuke. This photo is of bring social change. I think that the size is very well it try's to give a real feeling to a stint. The colors you can infer on i think are cool but i think they did so well with the black and white. I think the photos arguing if this is right or wrong with the art work that's why it black and white almost as if it's two side even arguing. The artiest did well with catch an image and then creating a argument which pulls forth feelings and emotions. I like the artiest cause it stays on my mind confusing me to argue back and forth whether it's right or wrong. This is a colored photo of Kate Perry with proactive. The picture of advertisement for proactive. The photo colors really jump out at you there mixed as well which doesn't give a cool or hot feeling they just balance the photo. I think that the photo using her clean skin to get people to buy there product. The artiest did ok on the photo it's not bad but not super good it seems very simple. I don't hate or like there photo it really just seems to be there i don't like the simpleness but at the same time it's not post too be so difficult. This is a colored photo of a dragonfly. The photo of shallow depth of field. The photo colors are cool feeling with white green blue and black. The size makes the dragonfly very big when really it's very small. I think that it's of a dragonfly returning back to it's home place. The artiest did well with capture motion and effects in the art work. I like this photo because it real and i love nature and it's unique way to capture it without hurt the animal. This is a black and white photo of a family in the west. This photo is of deep depth of field. This photo have great composition because of the proportion and size balancing there self's. The focus is good because it shows depth from any view. I think that the family in the photo are planning something because of finance problems. The artiest did well with the art because they make communication with the art work. The artiest also did well with catching a time period and making it real. I don't like the art work because im not a big fan of the time period and i feel that if it was color it would be better. This is a color photo of a horse. This photo of blur action. This photo has great colors because the colors are mixed together to make it brighter and all come together as one big photo. This doesn't have a fine focus point because of the blur action but it gives it a even look because when panning the photo your eyes don't lock to nothing. The artiest did very well with catching the motion in the art work and he makes it know because of the blur to all of the art work. I like this art work because it seems to attract my eyes with the image because i try to make out what the image is and what it is doing. This is a colored photo of a bullet going through a fruit. The photo of stop action. This photo emphasis the bullet with trails and the shape of the fruit. The photo makes a color scheme with cool colors with the bullet going through warm colors. I think that the photo show a woman thats not afraid of anything thats why she holds the fruit while the bullet passes and she puts her finger in front of the bullet cause she doesn't care. The artiest did well with the artiest because it seems to create a story with in the photo. I like the art because it's creative and makes meaning to destruction. This is a colored photo of a dog running in the fields. The photos of a object getting panned on. The artiest did going with the sizes it didn't make the dog too big when scoped in to make the photo still seem real. The focus point is the dog because it's the only thing in focus. I think the photo of a dog running in fields chacing something on a summer day because of the warm look. The artiest did well with the movement and only catching the movement and making every thing else blured. I don't like the photo it just doesn't attract my eyes it doesn't stand out compared to other art work. Low camera angle High camera angle Tight Shot Good uses of Framing Repetition Good uses of lines Curved lines Diagonal lines Leading lines Posed Portrait Candid Portrait Night shot Child shot Elderly shot Good texture Reflection Vertical Composition Radial Composition Close up Social Change Advertisement Shallow Depth of field Deep Depth of field Blur action Stop action Panning Rule of Thirds High Horizon Low Horizon Middle Horizon Architectural shot Horizontal Composition Emotional Content Center of Interest Back Lighting Side Lighting Journalism Wide angle My Choice This is a color photo of a sunset and a human acting like they are holding it. This photo is of Good use of Rule of thirds. The photo has balance and multiple focus points because of the Rule of thirds. The Photo's balance because it spreads the objects through out the photo to make it look balanced and even with sizes. I think the photo of a lady relaxing on the beach. I think the artiest did ok because of the different ways people could interpret it make interest in the photo but the colors are boring. The artiest did well over all in the photo because the art is unified. This is a colored photo of a farm that is going through the fields. This photo is of High Horizon. The photo has lines and focus point. The lines lead you to the grass. which becomes the focus point because that what it leads to. I think the photos of a farmer that is about to lay down seeds in his fields. The artiest did well with capturing reality in the picture it almost makes everything real in you r face. I like the photo over all because I relate emotional to it because of time at farms in school as a young kid. This is a photo of a summer day of open grass. The photo has emphasis in it on the sky and the day time. It has values that make the colors stand out. I think the photos of outside showing to enjoy. The artiest did well with the art work because the have values of colors and they use low angle to make emphasis on the sky. I like the artiest it provoke energy in to me to enjoy a hot summer day. So i think it cool for the shot they took it in. This is a colored photo of coast of a island. The photos of middle horizon. The photo has colors that range from the whole scheme. It also has some focus point to look out at sea. I think the photo of show the island and sea to someone. The artiest did bad with the photo because the photo seems to be flat and make it seem 2D. I don't like the photo because i want it to make me feel real when i look at it but it seems so 2D. This is a colored photo of some builds standing big and tall. The photos of architectural. The photo has texture because the buildings lines and cut make you think of the texture it has. It also has lines that range from diagonal to straight to horizontal. I think the photos of the business the building are and the it has to sell. I like the photo because it brings up my dream of making it big and owning a business. This is a colored photo of a highway with power lines standing over it. The photos of Horizontal Composition. I think the photo has emphasis on horizontal lines and it tells you to you sides ways. I think the photos of the way highway looks and the it just of a section of the road. I like the photo because it could be of a horror movie that they could use this on. The artiest did well with the composition and the emphasis on the main goal.
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