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Turnus' Struggle

No description

Thomas Wheeler

on 5 March 2018

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Transcript of Turnus' Struggle

Turnus' Struggle
Opening of Book XII
How does the opening section (Lines 1 - 112) establish the doomed fate of Turnus?

What emotional reaction is an audience supposed to have in response to Turnus' impending death?
Juno and Juturna
Juturna's position in the last few books of the Aeneid is a tricky one in terms of interactions between the gods and mortals.

Who is Juturna and what is her significance?

How does Juno's conversation with her further develop Turnus' position?

To what extent do Juturna's actions over the course of the book impact the narrative?
Rutulians' Breach of the Treaty
How and why do the Rutulian's breach the peace treaty in Book 12?

What does this suggest in terms of their characters?

What about those that led them to break the treaty.
Jumping Off Point
Take the passage from Book XII between 245 and 270.

Using it as a starting point, explain why omens and prophecies are important in the
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
L.O. - To identify and evaluate the methods by which Virgil represents the doomed nature of Turnus' war.
The Objectification of Women
How is Lavinia, and by extension all of the Latin women, objectified during the opening to Book XII?

Is this consistent with her representation and narrative function across the text?
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