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Language Teaching Technique: Speaking (TPR)

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Black Fist Marco

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Language Teaching Technique: Speaking (TPR)

Language Teaching Technique: Speaking (TPR)
--it means "TPR with Body"

--includes everything that can be done with body movements
Ex: stand up; sit down; roll over
Speaking Technique
A research was conducted to determine which TPR types are most common for teachers to use when they want students to speak (Vincent, 2013).

Research showed that the most common TPR technique is TPR-B. It proved that Thai students (any grade level) learn languages easier with the use of their bodies.
The most common speaking reinforcement exercise is the "Repeat-After-Me"
Wilson, R. (2000).
Maximize Your Language Learning
Through TPR.
Retrieved on the 13th of November, 2013 from http://www.languageimpact.com/articles/rw/tprmax.htm
TPR - Total Physical Response
--students usually receive sound as input and is often asked to repeat/do what the instructor had done

--Types of TPR:
Team "Expert Teachers"
Vincent Daba = 533081237-5
Nutrinee Kunlavisate = 543080962-4
Kunlaphathu Noihan-ad = 543080957-7
Vachira Viseschart = 543080975-5
Visarut Sankhum = 543080978-9
Supatima Nernsai = 543081112-6
--it means "TPR with objects"

--a great way to teach nouns and verbs
Ex: turn on the light; eat the apple
--it means "TPR with Pictures"

--flashcards, magazines...anything
that has pictures is used as
language teaching materials
--it means "TPR with

--used to act out stories
and learn the
vocabulary in it
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