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Effects of the War of 1812

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Afaaf Bahmany

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Effects of the War of 1812

By: Afaaf, Balraj, Chitra, and Nathan The Effects of the War of 1812 Positive Effects of Canada Negative effects of Canada Negative effects of the U.S.A Positive effects of the U.S.A Negative effects of Great Britain - Initial doubt about the loyalty of the Canadians was disapproved as they united together to combat a common enemy
- 19th century army regiments responsible for colonial defense, were raised in Upper and Lower Canada
- Upper Canada could have been a easy target
- The Americans might have struck a moral blow against lower Canada
- For Canada, the war of 1812 was not a simple political debate, but matter of national survival
- many natives lost their homes because Americans had destroyed them - British blockade at the American coast created a shortage of cotton cloth in the U.S.
- British Canadians hated Americans
-British government took a harsh stance to Americans and they limited the immigration along
the border
-Americans weren't welcome in Canada any more
-British & Canadians burned the White House in Washington Not applicable due to lack of information Positive effects of Great Britain - gained a measure of international respect for managing to withstand the British Empire
- war contributed to the Federalist Party who had opposed the war
- British blockade at the American coast led to the industry of manufacturing cotton
- some habitants of Canada were American born
-U.S.A. started to expand cities and spread the west even farther
- war caused an economic change in the U.S.
-U.S. got their land back from the British Positive Similar Effects Negative Effects of Similar effects - The citizens both British Canada & the U.S. had a stronger sense of patriotism
- War generated a profound (deep) on North America's (Canada & the U.S.) history
- Mac Donnell lobbied the British government to encourage fortifying Canada against its powerful neighbor - Engulfed the population of North America (Canada & U.S.A.)
- Soldiers from all three countries died
- All agree that the War of 1812 was the bloodiest war ever fought on North American soil
- After the war the hatred between Canadians and the British against the Americans continued so there were changes made in the immigration pattern and political development - War united French & English speaking colonies against a common enemy
- Gave many inhabitants a sense of nationhood and a sense of to Britain
- War started the process that ultimately led to Canadian confederation in 1867
- War had been a matter of national survival
- New Brunswick and Nova Scotia colonies soon joined resulting in the formation of the dominion of Canada in 1867
- After the war there changes in the immigration and political development
- Upper Canada scarcely established them before any serious trouble
- Population of Upper Canada increased from 95,000 in 1814 to 487,000 by 1842 - Canada didn't want to be free from Britain
- Britain's army was much larger than the U.S. army Thanks for watching our presentation Hope you Enjoyed!!! Bibliography - Nelson History/ Geography textbook pg. 122-123
- http://www.warof1812-history.com/
- http://www.warof1812-history.com/Effects-of-the-War-of-1812.aspx
- http://www.warmuseum.ca/files/2012/10/yuhao-wu-w.pdf
- https://sites.google.com/site/1812effect/effects-on-america
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