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Hawaii Strategies For 21st Century Advising

Keynote HU System 2013

Joanne Damminger

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of Hawaii Strategies For 21st Century Advising

Academic Advising for the 21st Century must include:
Explore life goals
Explore vocational goals
Program choice
Course choice
Scheduling courses
O'Banion, T. (Oct./Nov. 2012). Be Advised. Community College Journal. p. 44.
The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.
The last is to say thank you.

(Max DePree)

Effective Advising Strategies
for the 21st Century

"Academic advising is the second-most important function
in the community college.

If it is not conducted with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness, the most important function - instruction - will fail to ensure that students navigate the curriculum to completion."
(O'Banion, Oct./Nov. 2012, p. 43)
Discussion Points:
Today's Students and What They Have to Say
Current Trends in the literature
Meeting Students' Needs
Strategies for 21st Century Advising
Students tell us...
they want help identifying their career goals and creating a pathway to achieve those goals.

they want "more career-related conversations with the advisor who helps them choose classes" (p. 68).

they "do NOT do optional."

90% of entering students believe they can succeed in college
they need reinforcement of the reasons they are in college.
"The Lottery" Activity

1. How would you spend time if you won?
2. ...

(Students Speak, Are We Listening?
McClenney & Arnsparger, 2012
1.8 m students, 217 CC, 39 states)
In a recent study (October 2012) of the most effective factors in high school students' success, "possibly the most surprising factor was the strength of academic advising as a factor in persistence."

(Center of Public Education, National School Boards Association, October 2012)
Student Engagement/Welcome Week Activities
(from Hawai’i CC Student Life Program website)

Front Door Experience of UH System
Other Components of the Front Door/ First Year Experience?
To kick off the 2013-2014 school year, we (Hawai’i CC Student Life) have a variety of activities planned and chances for you to meet other students, eat good food, talk story, and learn ways to be the best student you can be!

Another site states,
Warrior Welcome Week activities included campus tours and a resource and vendor fair where students could meet with ...services ... and student clubs...

Student Quote:
“In order for them to get the full college experience, I feel like they have to be involved in more than just academics and really feel a part of the UH Manoa ʻohana,” said Katie Tuisaloo, UH Mānoa senior summer leader.

Visit involved@hawaii.edu
O'Banion, T. (Oct./Nov. 2012). Be Advised. Community College Journal. p. 44.
First-Year Experience/Programming
Freshman seminars (small class setting)
Learning communities
Academic support and tutorial services
College success strategies
"FDE" by "Sandy" Shugart,
Valencia Community College, FL
Scheduling Courses

Knowledge of:
Work, family and commuting limitations
Choosing a Course
Knowledge of:
Available courses
Course content
Prerequisite information, sequencing, grad requirements
Policies and procedures for adding, withdrawal etc.
Choosing a Program
Knowledge of:
Programs of the College
Program requirements (entrance too)
Transfer information
Previous success rate of students in program
Success stories of alum
Exploring Vocational Goals
Knowledge of:
Vocational fields
Changing world of work

Skill in:
Interpretation of skills, values, and interests (inventory data)
Acceptance that all fields of work are valuable

5 Steps of Advising
Explore life goals
Explore vocational goals
Program choice
Course choice
Scheduling courses
Exploring Life Goals
Knowledge of :
Decision-making process
Student characteristics and development
Counseling/Advising strategies
Individual differences

Belief in:
Worth and dignity of all students
All students have potential
Student Engagement
Welcome Week Activities

The Manoa Student Orientation Program includes:

• Helpful advice from current students
• Opportunities to interact with a NSO Leader
• Chance to meet with UHM faculty
• Attend a resource fair featuring campus programs and services
• A campus tour
• A chance to meet other students new to UHM!
NSO Leaders (Manoa)
In summary, next steps must include:
Continual development/training
Assurance that advisors have appropriate skills and tools
Competent referral skills
Focus on the 5 steps of effective advising
Focus on Starting Right

More details of the Front Door Experience (FYE) in the Breakout "The First-Year Experience Begins at the Front Door "
O'Banion, T. (Oct./Nov. 2012). Be Advised. Community College Journal. p. 44.
(Students Speak, Are We Listening? McClenney & Arnsparger, 2012)
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