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nooby tooby

the big bang

Timothy Metcalf

on 29 June 2010

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Transcript of nooby tooby

Are You A NOOB? How would you even know? The type of noob this prezi is reffering to is a COD (modern warfare 2 specifically) NOOB COD COD NOOB A noob is (accodring to the urban dictionary) a other way to say newbie,
which refers to someone been new to something and therefore not been very good at it. The term noob is thrown around alot but the most common reason someone will be called a noob is if they use overpowered guns or strategies/techniques that give a huge advantage to them over the other players Some examples of this are: UMP-45 the ump-45 is unlocked at lv. 4 which is very early considering it is the most accurate sub-machine gun with the highest damage and a good fire rate. when a silencer is used on the ump the recoil is dramaticaly reduced making it able to be used over very long range when fired in bursts. the ump also has 100% mobility which means you can move as fast as posible when carrying the ump. this makes it very ideal for rushers to use because it is perfect for all ranges of gameplay. the ump-45's iron sights Famas The famas' iron sights The Famas is considered nooby because it fires in three round bursts and has nearly 100% accuracy and will usualy kill in one burst (when using stopping power) the famas can also be equipped with a heartbeat sensor which will be refered to later on. another flaw in the famas it the fact that it is unlocked at lv. 1 and its compedetor the m16 (also fires in three round bursts) is unlocked at lv. 40. the m16 has more reciol. Heartbeat sensor The heartbeat sensor detects enemies on its small screen. it is placed on the left side of your gun. The heartbeat sensor is considered nooby because it gives the user a HUGE advantage over the other players. The heartbeat sensor is so hated because it isn't fair unless everyone uses it. "Their NOOB friendly if you ask me" says Matt Thomas...
"So is the general feel of modern warfare 2" also according to Matt Thomas Comando the comando perk gives the user the ablilty to stab another player over long range. this is found incredibly anoying to most players because it is completely unrealistic. many people use this perk to just run around and only use thier knife the grenade launcher the noob tube is extreamly easy to use and as long as you aim it relativley close to another player and you will will them. equipment and perks weapons strategies and techniques The drop shot (the below picture is not at all relavent) the dropshot is a strategic teqnique that involves you dropping to the floor as soon as you see an enemy while shooting at them. this gives the person doing it a huge advantage because their enemy is unable to anticipate it . one man army noob tubing This strategy involves you using the perk one man army to refill all ammo including the grenade launcher (noob tube). this is extreamly easy to do and most people abuse this and spend a whole game just ramdonly firing noob tubes all over the map.
a simple way to describe all the flaws in this game is "broken" according to matt thomas this is an example of being the opposite of a noob by using difficult weapons www.youtube.com/user/prodigygreendoo one more thing...
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