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Romeo and Juilet- Power of Choices

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Gehrig White

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Romeo and Juilet- Power of Choices

Romeo and Juliet The Power of Choices In Romeo and Juliet: Romeo chose to drink the poison Juliet chose to stab herself The Friar chose to run Juliet chose to drink the potion The Friar chose to give Juliet the potion. He believed that this reunite Romeo and Juliet and peacefully unite the feuding families The Friar chose
to marry Romeo
and juliet in hopes
of ending the family fued The Prince of Verona chose to banish Romeo Romeo chose to avenge Mercutio by killing Tybalt Tybalt chose to kill Mercutio Romeo and Juliet chose to get married Romeo chose to attend the party Romeo chose to love Rosaline In real life: Drugs "With every experience, you alone are painting your own canvas, thought by thought, choice by choice." -Oprah Winfrey Animoto - Video Slideshow Maker with Music. Web. 19 May 2011. .
Fry, Elizabeth. "Oprah Winfrey Quotes - Oprah Quotations on Making Choices." About Oprah - Television - Magazines - Book Club - Radio - Charity. Web. 19 May 2011. .
"Timeline for Romeo and Juliet." History Timelines. Web. 19 May 2011. .
Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing. Web. 19 May 2011. . Works Cited Caused Romeo to be alone in his room and sad Caused Romeo and Juliet to meet Juliet cannot marry Paris
The latter killings are now civil in the family (family killing family) Anger between families
Causes Romeo to seek revenge on Tybalt Causes banishment of Romeo Causes Juliet to drink the potion to fake death and attempt to sneak away to Romeo Causes the wedding of Juliet and Paris to be called off
Causes Romeo to drink poison to kill himself because of his belief that Juliet is dead Causes wedding between Juliet and Paris to be cancelled
Causes Romeo to drink poison to kill himself because of his belief that Juliet is dead
Causes Juliet to take her own life because Romeo is dead Causes Juliet to take her own life when she wakes because he himself is dead Causes the feud of the Capulets and Montagues to discontinue Juliet cannot remarry or marry Paris
They are together forever
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