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what are the theories on how space was made?

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Andrew Swchartz

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of what are the theories on how space was made?

what are the theories on how space was made?
Is space still expanding?
well every second space expands by two light years so we can't get to the end so yes it is still expanding.
What is the steady state theory?
It states that space just appeared and stared to move apart.
what was the big bang?
The big bang is the way most scientist think is how space was made. The big bang started as a small little dot that had every thing in the universe. Something in it made it blow up and so that little dot that had every thing in the universe blue up and every thing started expanding into the universe we know today.

Interesting fact the Omaha tribe had there own big bang theory they believed at first every living thing was a sprite looking for a place to settle down the sun was to hot the moon was to cold and the Earth was filled with water and the out of the water a huge boulder exploded and dried up most of the water and the sprites lived there and had every thing they needed.
How does Zulu mythology explain how space was made?
a man named Unkulunkulu created every thing and
he was born from a big reed.
By Drew swartz
How does greek mythology explain how space was made?

Greek mythology explains that chaos the first thing made. Out of chaos came Gaea(Earth) Tartarus(Underworld) Eros(love) Erebus(darkness) Nix(night).
Interesting fact roman mythology also believed this to.
What are the theories of how space was made?
The Big Bang Theory
Omaha tribe version of the Big Bang
Greek mythology and Roman mythology
The theory that says that God created every thing in 6 days.
What is the theory that says that God crated every thing ?
It says that God created every thing in 6 days. Within the 6 days he created land, sea, air, light, and darkness and the stars as well.
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