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Hilti GB Intro Presentation

Introduction of Me, Hungary and Hilti in Hungary

Gergely Maller

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Hilti GB Intro Presentation

Komárom Budapest Born in Komárom, 20.01.1988.
Szent Imre Catholic Elementary School 2002-2006
Eötvös József High School, Tata
Economy specialized class 2006-2010

Harsányi János College
Business Economics and Management (BA) Small and Medium Enterprises
with excellent grade Hobbys, sports:

Hiking Life before Hilti

(2002-)2006-2007 - Eurofront Komárom Kft. - Territory salesperson

2007-2008 - AXA Magyarország Kft. - Financal advisor

2008-2009 - Zara Hungary Kft. - Salesperson

2009 - Internship at MOL Rt. - Administrator in HR department

2010 august - Junior TS
2011 january - 2012 october - TS at Region 2, Budapest SBU 3-4

Highlights of 2011-2012:
97,5% trade plan reaching (260.000£ )
5 green boxes in the TOP 7 product lines
Travelling together with several colleges from abroad
PD5 launch and training at the Kick Off in January, 2012
CRM7 champion, training, and users manual translate to Hungarian
Growing product knowledge and field experience Hilti Hungary

-Established in 1964
- 80 people
- 40 account managers in 4 region
- 3 Hilti Centers Bournemouth Hungary

Population: 9.982.000
Currency: Hungarian Forint ( 1£ - 350 HuF)
Main religion: Catholics
Foundation: 895
Prime Minister: Viktor Orbán
Official language: Hungarian
Known for...
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