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Lyft Head of Enterprise Sales

100 Day Plan

Raymond Soriano

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Lyft Head of Enterprise Sales

Lyft Enterprise Team
Strategic Plan
30 Day Quick Ramp
Company Values, Culture, & History
Product & Industry Knowledge
Messaging - Carry a Bag
Hiring Strategy
Enterprise Strategy
Enterprise Strategy
Account Profiling - Current Customers
Verticals - Lyft Presence
Top 10 Lyft DMAs
Fortune 500
Top 100 Largest Universities
Top Down, Bottom Up, Cold Calling
Team Structure - 4 Territories (NE, MW, SE, W)
Phase 1 - All reps in SF
Phase 2 - Local Enterprise Reps (SF, LA, CHI, NYC)
Recruiting and Hiring
Defined Enterprise Profile
Professional Sales Training
Successfully Well Rounded
Sales Creativity & Curiosity
Hunter Mentality
Structured Interview Process
Phone Screen, In-Person, Presentation, References
Be Transparent, Give Feedback
Decide Quickly
Work the Network
SF, Bay Area, Nationwide
Weekly 1:1's
Team Sharing: Best Practices
Refine Messaging
Defined Sales Methodology
Transparency into Opportunities
Deal Honesty: Miller-Heiman
Conceptual Selling: Green Sheet
Strategic Selling: Blue Sheet
Sales Stages
Minimum Action Required: Seller
Minimum Action Required: Buyer
Accurate Forecasting
Pipeline Visibility
Know, Own, Grow
Winning Culture
- Be a Leader
- Foster Learning Environment
- Practice Resiliency
- Take Criticism
- Accountability
Clearly Defined Expectations
Performance Management
Recognize and Reward
-Underperforming Assets
Sustainable Growth
Enterprise Coaching & Mentoring
Opportunity Management
Economic Buyer
Decision Process
Decision Criteria
Paper Process
Identify Pain
Sales Methodology
Enterprise Comp & Bonus Structure
100 Base + 100 Variable, 200 OTE
Monthly Pacing MBO
Quarterly Payouts
% Booked Revenue
AOV, Sales Cycle, Product Suite
John Houstonr
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