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4.02 Judicial Review

No description

Romy B

on 7 July 2016

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Transcript of 4.02 Judicial Review

Do you think judges should be elected?
I think that there is definitely merit in the idea that judges could potentially be elected instead of appointed. However, they are indirectly elected. Judges are appointed by an elected official, so when the people elect their president, they are essentially trusting his or her judgement. But either way, election of judges is a good idea.
How is your role in the government different from an elected official?
My role in the government is different than an elected official because I am not elected. I am appointed. And I am in the government to keep all of the other elected and appointed officials in check. I can declare their laws unconstitutional, or choose how to enforce them.
How is your role in the government similar to an elected official?
Similarly to an elected official, my job can affect lots of people. Whatever decisions I make, I have to think whether it will benefit our country or not. I can also choose how to enforce the laws that elected officials make.
4.02 Judicial Review
with Chet Wilkins

By Romy Bailey
What is one case you recently decided?
One recent case that I decided on was a case in which a person had stolen people's credit cards and used them. These people lived in different states, and the convicted thief appealed that 20 years in federal prison was "extreme" punishment and therefore violated the Bill of Rights.
How did you come to your decision?
Really, this man was a proven thief who had stolen lots of money from multiple different people. By law, 20 years in prison for such a crime is normal, and there was no reason to cut this guy any slack. He knew what he was doing was wrong, and he still chose to do it.
Please explain the role of Judicial Review in the case you decided.
What is Judicial Review?
Judicial review is the power of the Supreme Court to cancel or review laws or acts of the government if they are deemed unconstitutional.
Judicial review in this case did not need to be used, because the punishment was deemed Constitutional.
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