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Callum Biehn

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

"Willy was a salesman"
(Charley, pg 138) The Reasons Willy had come up with a few reasons in his head why it was that he needed to kill himself. The first was because Willy had a very poor look on who he was. His whole life he had tried to convince himself that he was a big shooter and vital in his company, however he realized later in life that everything he told himself was a lie. The other reason that Willy committed suicide was because of his money situation. He and his family were struggling to get by which really took a toll on him. He thought that if he killed himself then Biff could collect the money from his life insurance and finally become something. Willy basically valued himself at less than $20,000. His Attempts Prior to his suicide, Willy had a few failed attempts. There were a couple of incidents with his car where he would drive off the road and cause accidents. This is also the way that he met his ultimate demise. Willy had also thought of killing himself by using a rubber pipe to put in his car, to give him CO2 poisoning. The Final Blow After some failed attempts, Willy finally ended his life at the end of the story. He had been in argument with Biff for a while until Biff began to cry (pg. 133). Once Biff began to cry Willy realized that he loved him and that he could finally leave the world on good terms with his son. Death of a Salesman How did Willy's family affect his suicide? Who is to Blame? There is a lot of blame to be passed around for why
Willy killed himself. Everyone in his family and outside
his family impacted him, however it was truly finally
his decision. Linda Even though Linda knew about the thoughts going on in Willy's head, she really cannot be blamed for his suicide. The only fault of Linda's was that she didn't try harder to prevent the inevitable. She told Biff and Happy that they had to help their father even though she herself didn't physically help him. It however is reasonable to believe that if Linda had tried to help then Willy would have just pushed her away as he had always done before. Her Impact Happy Happy's Impact on Willy It is fair to say that Happy is one of the least responsible people, when it comes to Willy's death. Happy didn't amount to much but he wasn't a bum like his brother Biff. "Biff is a lazy bum'' (pg.16). Throughout Happy's whole life he flew under the radar and never put a toll on his fathers life in a way that Biff did. Ben Is Ben to blame? Indirectly and probably without knowing Ben actually did have to do with the death of his brother Willy. Willy, always in the back of his mind was jealous of what his brother had accomplished and wished that he had the same fortune. This inability to compete with his brother left Willy with a constant void in his life that could have ultimately affected Willy choice to kill himself. Biff Biff's Role Without a doubt, Biff is obviously the easiest to blame for Willy's suicide. Throughout the final years of Willy's life, Biff put a lot of stress on his father. Willy was so stressed because he could never figure out why his son could never amount to anything. Willy even ended up killing himself so that he could give Biff money so that he could finally be successful. Conclusion All in all, Willy is the only person full responsible for his suicide. The biggest contributor to his suicide, Biff, never gave him the help he needed and it ended up being all Willy's fault. If Willy had never cheated on his wife then Biff could have passed math and become a successful human being. Without Biff putting stress on his life, Willy probably never would've never killed himself and they could have been a happy family. Willy has no one to blame but himself. Introduction Death of a salesman was written by Arthur Miller in 1949. This story talks about the ups and downs of a Willy Loman's life. Willy has battles against himself and the truth of who he really was throughout the entire story.
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