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Kit Kat chocolate - The marketing Mix

No description

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Kit Kat chocolate - The marketing Mix

Kit Kat chocolate - The marketing Mix
Kit Kat Marketing Strategy
September 1935:launched in London and the South East as 'Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp' and re-named two years later as KitKat Chocolate Crisp
During the war:“What active people need”
1945 - 1947 : Change the wrapper
1957 : first advertised on TV and had its first color advert in 1967
2004 : produced at the Nestlé Rowntree Factory
Famous Products
KitKat 4 Finger
KIT KAT King Size
KIT KAT Snack Size
KIT KAT Assorted Miniatures
KIT KAT Miniatures
Product strategy
Pricing strategy
Promotional strategy
free bars in the multi-bar family packs
Distribution strategy
The availability of Kit Kat to buy wherever and whenever the consumer wishes to purchase it.

A unique dual appeal
Wide appeal across the age ranges and to both sexes.
The intrinsic elements of the brand
*chocolate fingers
*foil and band wrapping
* "Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat"

the two finger bar and multipacks were introduced in the 1960s

The Orange Kit Kat proved particularly popular with sales of
38 million
bars in just three weeks

some special editions are introduced
the real price has remained remarkably stable over the last sixty years.

1996 : instant win deal with Burger King
75 million free burgers were on offer
Sale increase 30%
1998 : " The Simpson" with the chance win £20,000 - sale increase 41%
Available in more than 100 countries throughout the World.

Kit Kat is the only top-selling chocolate bar in America that isn't American.
Annual sales: $198.9 million
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