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Switzerland- 2nd hr

No description

Hannah Stites

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Switzerland- 2nd hr

Switzerland Switzerland is 15,940 sq. miles. Switzerland's government building. Bundeshaus Inside of Bundeshaus i The Top Two Spoken Languages in Switzerland: German French The national currency in Switzerland is the Swiss Franc. The major exports in Switzerland are: Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Products Clocks Machinery Switzerland's Major Imports: Chemicals Vehicles Agricultural Products Tourist Attractions: Swiss National Park Chillon Castle Rhine Falls Types of Food: Nusstorte Wurstsalat Fondue Swiss Cheese Major Landforms in Switzerland: The Alps Picture: Switzerland's Federal Council Switzerland's top two religions are Catholicism and Protestantism. Catholic Church in Interlanken, Switzerland. Protestant Church in Beatenburg, Switzerland. (translates to sausage salad) (melted cheese) (nut cake) Rhine River Switzerland is a federal republic. Lake Geneva Recreational Activities: European Futbal (soccer) Swimming Snow Biking Famous People: Roger Federer Famous for being a world champion tennis player. Claude Nicollier Famous for being the first and ONLY Swiss astronaut. Rene Baumann (also known as DJ Bobo) Famous for being a musician and performer. (cheese) The End! Interesting Facts: Hallo! (Swiss-German greeting) Guten Tag (good afternoon) Bonjour (good afternoon)
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