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history of web design

No description

hannah fletcher

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of history of web design

.history of web design.com
by:Hannah Fletcher
how it began



Their Differences are Great
world wide wide is a data system of hypertext files on internet that allows documents to be connected to other documents.
The internet is a list of computer networks that grant many computers to connect with each other globally
also the internet consist of protocols a list of languages which allows information to travel among computers.
The "Bronze" age of web design was when the early web designers could only make easy layouts,text, tables and links with small or no graphics.
The first web site broadcasted in the World Wide Web history was in 1982 (august).The Internet was born in the 1960’s.the internet back then was not as quick as today's internet. the internet did have some good qualities like , it was very productive in transferring information from one computer to another computer. Back then to have internet you had to have a computer,a telephone line, and a modem .the internet was mostly used for the military, scientists, educators, doctors and the government for productive transmission information within the group.
In the 60's The Hypertext concept was created by Ted Nelson. Later on in 1994 Tim Berners- Lee created the first website using HTML also known as the inventor of world wide web. Vent Cerf and Bob Kahn are know as the "fathers" of the internet.Ray Tomlinson invited a email system in 1971.

Ted Berners-Lee
Bob Kahn
Ted Nelson
Vent Cerf
Ray Tomlinson
world wide web uses three different types of protocols HTML, HTTP, and URLS

mobile websites
safari ia a web browser created by Apple Inc. It was first known as beta on January 7, 2003
web languages
HTML(Hypertext markup language)-The language that we write our web pages in. Tim Berners-Lee created HTML during the 60's.
CSS(cascading style sheets)- is a style sheet language used to describe the look and formatting of a document written in HTML.
java-computer programming language mostly used to create interactive effects within web browsers.
JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich in 1995.
Dot Com-A company that embraces the internet as the key component in its business. They are named this because of the URL customers visit to do business with the company.
.com -describes a website with commercial business.
in 1989 .com was for publishers to make some kind of profit.Back the they also used .com for advertisement like for television , railroads,etc. Today .com has no real meaning, its not really different from others.

Mobile website were created by recoding everything in to an app,Facebook being one of the very first apps also YouTube is highly noted. mobile website are more used now than any other website because of our smart phones.
There are multiple types of websites . Their purpose ranges from education resource to online shopping, to social networking and new/sports updates. and many other functions of resource. Some examples include:
.edu(education), .com(commercial),
examples)http://www.whitehouse.gov/, http://www.science.gov/
examples)facebook.com, http:// vineyard vines.com
examples)http://www.sc.edu/, http://scholar.harvard.edu/
ecommerce-for selling merchandise ,like small businesses ex) amazon.com
government-(.gov) sites for government group each one has their own website
education(.edu)- a website based for education resources like a college website or information website.
dot com boom was when businesses were sharing their information on the web and it was new for everyone so when everyone was on the web the internet was not ready for all of this so it crashed in 200-2001.

in the
It is my belief that websites in the future won't change much .They might update the software for further multi- tasking as this is one of the key function of computer technologies..In general the concept of websites will remain the same yet the access capabilities are likely to advance to ease the users process.
Nature of World wide web is a software
Nature of the Internet is hardware
a massive collection of digital pages
a massive hardware combination of millions of personal, business, and governmental computers

There are many various forms of social media . a website where one connects with those sharing personal or professional interests, place of origin, education at a particular school,
Social networks
feburary 4, 2004
founded by mark Zuckerberg
August 2003
founded by Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson
March 21, 2006
founded by ack Dorsey, Noah Glass,
Evan Williams, Biz Stone
the purpose was to for users to be able to send text- messages less than 140 characters. Also to be followed or let someone else follow you.
it's originally made for musical networking and it is owned by Justin temberlake. it is also made to be able to connect wit other users from other computers over the web and create your own personalize profiles.
a network of social interactions and personal relationships. It enables users to communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, images, etc.
Based on the six degrees of separation concept (the idea that any two people on the planet could make contact through a chain of no more than five intermediaries), social networking establishes interconnected personal networks that help people make contacts that would be good for them to know.
March 2010
founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Shar
pinterest is a photo sharing collage of peoples different events , interest, and hobbies
founders were Larry page, Sergey Brin, vic Gundortaa, and Bradley Horowitz
purpose for this website is so you can video chat with more than 4 people you can group chat .
October 6, 2010
Instagram was developed by Facebook and the original authors were Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger.
the main purpose of Instagram is to share photos and videos over the internet with your friends with cool digital effects.
Founder is David Karp
February 2007
it is for users to be able to post short multi media clips on the page and for everyone to be able to view them.
Facebook is for users to be able to connect with each other by posting pictures, videos, and also Facebook has apps with in the sites ,you can also reach a wide variety of things thier.
Mobile site are design to accommodate smaller screen sizes.As a result of the limited space , only the critical elements of the site are incorporated in the mobile site design. There is argument that this limit may be a problem and mobile sites are only a temporary solution to an ongoing mobile internet access dilemma.
Mobile Websites

www.scoop.it http://www.investopedia.com/terms/d/dotcom.asp

app version
has more quick buttons to pages. More easy to access
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