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kaitlyn laudick

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

A.K.A. KAITLYN AND MAKAYLA AWESOMENESS 3000 Cost Of The Jet 59.9 Million dollars

7% sales tax is $4.193 Million

59.9+4.193= 64.1 million Cost Of Insurance annual: $742,560

semi: $371,280

quarterly: $185,640

monthly: $92,820 Fuel Our jet gets 747 miles per gallon.

$5.07 per gallon.

Our jet can hold about 63,500 gallons.

Cost: $321,945.00 (to fill up the whole tank).

5.5 mi, 9,666.7 yds, 29,000 ft. at the fullest,and 348,000 in. Yearly Sales Monthly Payments Conclusion Bibliography www.wikianswers.com
www.statefarm.com In conclusion the awsomeness is a great choice(only if you are rich), because it has an amazing first floor.The gas is somewhat like a cars, but you would need alot of it and that means if you want a full tank you will be spending in the hundred thousands range. Simple interest (I=PRT)
P= $64.1M
T=5 years
Total money paid:$83.33M
Monthly payments:1.4M ( We could do months but they`re selling 2-8 jets at the most ). 1 Room Room 2 The Plane
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