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Rolling Waves Weddings

No description

Danielle Lyons

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Rolling Waves Weddings

Our primary and secondary research shows growth opportunities in 3 specific market segments including families, retreats, and weddings. Below are our goals for each segment.

Goal: To engage families across generations while creating an intimate and memorable experience.
Goal: To provide groups of various organizations an opportunity for a retreat style getaway allowing relaxation and productivity.
Goal: To provide a rustic location for intimate destination weddings, great at any time of the year, for the northern bride on a budget. Future Goals for Rolling Waves Cottages Where will you advertise and promote Rolling Waves so that the bride will see and potentially use this venue? Magazines Bridal Expos Website Magazines
Bridal expos
Websites Destination Wedding Magazine
Destination I Do Magazine Northern states with focus on NE and NW
Canada www.destinationweddingsofflorida.com Choosing a Destination So you're getting married? The Client Vanessa & Kevin
Engaged on
Dec. 1, 2012 Northern brides looking for a quiet rustic wedding.
Small family/friend groups, intimate setting, lower cost than traditional $20,000 Florida wedding (includes lodging for 25, but guest list of 56-60 with food and drink included). Who should you Target?
To provide a rustic location for intimate destination weddings, great at any time of the year, for the northern bride on a budget Promoting
Rolling Waves Partnerships Target
Markets Summary Budget Weddings Goal: Objectives: To provide an intimate location to each bride to enhance the experience for individual weddings
To optimize the intimate experience for the bride and groom by partnering with local attractions and providing particular themed touches to their accommodations
To engage the wedding party and guest during their stay while enjoying a comfortable atmosphere Bride & Groom Bride's Immediate Family Groom's Immediate Family Groomsmen Bridesmaids Other Guests Other Guests Shelly Ceremony/Reception Location The Happy Couple Arrives... -Accommodations
-Welcome Baskets
-Bridal Party Entertainment Welcome Baskets A personalized welcome basket for the couple as well as family, friends, and guests provides inexpensive and meaningful customization for any wedding Bridal Party Entertainment For the Newly Weds For Family/Friends Upper-20s, early 30s brides with strong family ties.
Tight family groups where bride and groom are financially stable but still working to higher income (or where parents are helping to pay but are not footing a $30,000 wedding). Champagne and local floral bouquet upon arrival
perhaps cut on property in a rustic vase like a mason jar with twine
Dinner voucher at restaurant
Sunset cruise/catamaran Boat Charters
Include coffee, creamer, and all the ingredients for s'mores! Grills
Fire pit
Manatee tours
Rental items on property Add tent/pavilion beach side for food For Him Emergency groom's kit on arrival
Extra button, needle and thread
Cold/allergy medicine
Mini deodorant and cologne
Disposable razor, shaving cream, and aftershave
Fishing charter options
Golf voucher For Her Emergency bride's kit on arrival
Sewing kit
Mini makeup (mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, coverup)
Mini tampon
Allergy pills
Bobby pins
Earring backs
Nail polish and remover
Spa •Destination Weddings of Florida
•Enterprise Sailing Chartered Inc
•Almost Heaven Kayak Adventures
•Maison Blanche Restaurant
•Lazy Lobster of Longboat (Restaurant)
•Car rentals (Enterprise, etc)
•Panach Beauty Salon and Spa
•Longboat Key Fishing
•Longboat Key Golf Club
•Milan Catering and Event Design Accommodations Scent-Sation Painted Seashells Comforter set

Twin $79.99
Full $99.99 Lagoon Quilt
and Accessories

Full/Queen $99.99 York Matte
Blue Wastebasket

$19.99 Seaside White Shower Curtain
70" W x 72“

$29.99 Bathroom Accessories Cisco-Linksys WRT160N Wireless-N Broadband Router

$69.99 Hot dog and Marshmallow set

$26.79 Extra Amenities Breakdown of pricing  
5 Queen Bed sets = $499.95
3 Double Bed sets = $299.97
3 Single Bed sets = $239.97
8 Shower curtains = $239.92
8 Wastebasket sets = $159.92
1 Pavilion = $149.00
2 Hot dog/marshmallow kits = $53.58

TOTAL: $1,642.31

Given a $5,000 budget for cosmetic and capital adjustments, we have provided a plan that improves Rolling Waves’ image and accommodations. These changes allow flexibility to purchase seasonal items to decorate the property, and welcome packages for guests.
We did not include the wireless router in this particular plan. However, there is room to purchase a router for the whole property, or for each individual cottage.
Other suggestions we recommend are installing ramps outside each cottage to make Rolling Waves accessible to handicap guests, purchasing a gaming system for guests to rent and investing in board games for guests’ use. Budget Canopy Party Wedding Tent Gazebo Pavilion Cater Events

$149 for 30ft x 10ft Beach Pavilion Cosmetic Changes & Capital Investments Bedding Accommodations To keep the couple excited, you will send out the "teaser" packages Sealing the Deal!! Couple Rolling Waves What information will the bride find? As you can see, we have not changed your prices. Instead, we are going to try and give the consumers more "bang for their buck".
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