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Basket Case - 9 Frame Analysis

No description

Anna Frostwick

on 27 January 2011

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Transcript of Basket Case - 9 Frame Analysis

Double click anywhere & add an idea 9 Frame Analysis
Green Day - Basket Case This close up shot shows the man inserting a lead to an amp, in a match on action shot as the feedback from the amp can be heard with this action. Showing the band play their own instruments is very typical of this music genre. This next shot is a wide shot of the entire band get ready to play, the mise-en-scene is quite bizarre as the colours are so bright and unsettling as well as the nurses helping the band set up. This shot is a low angle of the drummer, Tré, getting pills in the mental health ayslum he and his band mates are in. The following shots show the vividly coloured medication he is taking close up. As Greenday are seen as quite a political band the message of this video could be interpreted that the pills used in these clinics aren't necessary or reliable. During the perfomance element of this video many different shots have been use for example this BEV, which is showing Billie-Joe during the performance. The words in the song take a literal sense where he asks 'Am I just paranoid?' whilst looking sketchily arouund the room whilst the camera videos him. Here is a pan shot of the band performing again, however the shot also has extras with strange masks adorning their faces as if the band are hallucinating. A theme which is present throughout the video. This low angle shot shows Billie-Joe in a room with padded cell walls, the mise-en-scene in further keeping with the 'mental hospital' theme. There are many edits back to shots in this room where the lead singer is alone showing him as 'eye-candy'. The shot is also very effective due to the sharp contrast of white walls which have references to purity and good, with the singers dark and black clothing which usually suggest bad/evil. This close-up shot keeps the hallucinating theme very obvious as Tré has his head in what is reminiscent of a fish tank but with distorted colours, and eyes in the background. The lyrics 'Am I just stoned?' are very relevant at this point. This full body shot shows the drummer in a wheelchair whilst playing drums, reiterating the themes of hospitals in this video. The editing during this music bridge is quite slow each shot lasting between 2-4 seconds, showing each member playing their instruments (a recurring theme in rock videos). This next shot is a wide shot, and the closing shot of the video. It begins witht the band playing the closing chords of the song before a nurse comes over to the mesh door - closing and locking it, keeping the band locked in the hospital as they look vacantly at the door.
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