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Community Challenges

No description

travis longworth

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Community Challenges

Malta is a town in Saratoga County, New York. The town is in the central part of the county and is south of Saratoga Springs. Created as a part of Stillwater in 1802, the town gained more territory in 1805. Malta was first settled in the mid 1800s. The Round Lake community was integrated as a village within the town in 1969. With numerous recreational parks, safe neighborhoods, celebrated schools, and an historic Malta Drive-in Movie Theater; Malta is the perfect place to call home. The residents of the town say that the town of Malta has come a long way in the last five years. They can remember cycling on Route 9 when there were fields of grass and trees along the road. The roundabouts the town is now known for were just a plan on the horizon for the New York State Department of Transportation. Soon, our town will be the home to one of the largest chip fabrication plants in the world and its employees. What's going on
in Malta? General Description Business Growth Population Growth Challenges
of Malta Business Growth New Urbanism
in Malta New Urbanism Concepts Why It Will Work Mixed Use Buildings Mixed use buildings are utilized in many different communities. These might contain spaces that are residential, commercial, and (on occasion) industrial. An example of this is a building where the first floor is a restaurant, the second contains offices and apartments are on the third floor. Increased Density With increased density homes are built closer together. This offers residents the opportunity to live closer to neighbors and to know them well. Mixed use buildings Incorporating mixed use buildings is important for Malta because it will help the town achieve its goal of creating a lush downtown. Also, it will help create a stronger sense of community. Increased Density Decreasing the space between buildings will prevent sprawl. A positive outcome of this is that the community will grow stronger, growing close enough to do things together. Population Growth If Malta does not start increasing its density as a community, eventually we will spread into reserved agricultural space. The farther spread out Malta becomes, the farther people get from the social center of Malta. With population growth businesses will appear. The result of increased business would be Malta transforming into a miniature city. The videos below show suburban sprawl and its effects. The Future of Malta Design Plan Visual Presentation Sustainability To learn more about the economy in Malta
click here. http://www.bestplaces.net/economy/city/new_york/malta Twister is a game where the more people playing, the more chaotic it gets. We are showing a few building’s (representing people ) playing, then gradually show more and more buildings playing, until they all fall down. This is the ending result if growing population is not addressed. This is a direct metaphor showing uncontrolled population and business growth. Companies in Malta that are trying to grow have been restricted by the town due to the 45 feet building cap. This will cause more buildings to pop up and the town to spread out and loose it's central downtown. Overpopulation will eventually lead to our demise. Schools will be more crowded, and there will be less space to enjoy public places. Too many resources, time, and technology will be pooled into keeping the population alive instead of being used for other (one could say more useful) things.The lack of land results in a number of things which result in negative impact on the sustainability of the community. Waste management of great populations is also difficult to handle effectively and can result in pollution and detriment to the environment.
Without adequate land per individual the quality of housing decreases. End of work and run an
errand on the way home. Green Malta

Work is over so he rides his bike home and he sees some friends walking their dog and he has a nice conversation with them. He then rides his bike to the store. He stops into the store and grabs some milk, than he continues riding home.

Unprepared Malta

He drives home and makes a quick stop into the store to grab some milk but the store is low on food supply on the amount of increase of population in one area. So drives back home to the family. What Malta is....
and what it can become . Contact information
Travis Longworth, Charlene Wood , George Dohring , and Jenkin Schmidt 2013
Greg lives in Luther's Forest. He is married and has two kids who attend Ballston Spa's schools. His wife works full time in Albany and he works at Global Foundries. He leaves for work before the rest of his family. He drives to work, stopping for coffee at a local store every morning.
Greg works in a factory job with traditional hours. To get a break during the day he drives to the local McDonalds for lunch. He has many friends who work and live by him, but finding time to visit them is a struggle. He is happy with his job, but he wants to be promoted to a position of manager so he gets more pay. After work he picks up the kids and drives them to their after school activities. They all arrive home for dinner at about 7:00pm.
Greg likes to bike in the summer and to cross country ski in the winter. These hobbies keep him in decent shape, when he can find the time for them, but helping the kids with homework and chaperoning their events often means he doesn’t get exercise other than walking his dog each night. 2023
Greg still lives in the same home, but much has changed in Malta. His house has increased in value as more job opportunities arrive in the area. Greg still works at Global Foundries, but his ideas for saving resources led to a promotion, so his work day starts and ends earlier. The kids are older now so they bike to school, which would not have been possible before the bike paths were designed and connected to most important community destinations. The kids inspired Greg to bike to work and he has, as a result, lost ten pounds. When weather is snowy he occasionally snow shoes to work. Greg has kicked his coffee habit; the fresh air wakes him up. It is easy to grab lunch at one of the several healthy food cafes on the STEP Park campus.
His wife still works in Albany, but she is much less stressed since bus routes have made her commute time shorter and more productive. Local traffic is better despite population growth, probably because of the bike paths and bus routes. Greg and his wife both bought hybrid cars, but they not used too often these days.
Greg’s promotion has brought new friendships and he is able socialize with both new and old friends at the regular community events sponsored by Malta. He gets home a little later than before, around 8:30, because the kid’s events fill his evening schedule. The school district can offer many more clubs now because of an increase in tax dollars due to growth in population. Greg is busy, but he feels less tired due to exercise and a happy social life. He feels energized by all the change around town and has added solar panels to his house, changed all his light bulbs to LED lights, and added motion sensor lights as part of Malta’s green initiative. Dueling Lifestyles in Malta, N.Y.

What could life be like in Malta
if New Urbanism were part of its design?

Event Green Malta

Going to work He lives in Luther forest so he can ride his bike to work at global foundries on the bike path on the bike trails.

Unprepared Malta

He drives his car to global foundries in heavy traffic as he stops to get morning coffee to wake him up which adds up over time Lunch Green Malta

Greg can now ride his bike to a shop for lunch due to built bike paths, and the shops being close to global foundries

Unprepared Malta

Greg had to bring bagged lunch to work due to needing to save money for gas and amount of traffic of cars to get from one place to another. Child's School event Green Malta

Greg and his family can ride their bikes to his Child's school to watch his child’s event with other friends that road their bikes to the event with him.

Unprepared Malta

He gets up and gets dressed and drives to his child’s sporting event and after the event he drives back home late due to the amount of traffic Life living in a green Malta vs Unprepared Malta Student's of the TEC-SMART Early College Program. j-schmidt8@hvcc.edu c-wood17@hvcc.edu g-dohring@hvcc.edu t-longworth1@hvcc.edu Gradually more and more people will be playing, until they all fall down. The more people, the more chaotic it becomes.
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