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Tangerine by Edward bloor

No description

Max Luna

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Tangerine by Edward bloor

Tangerine by Edward Bloor
The setting takes place in a small community called Tangerine County. The area is described as anyone would describe the average Florida towns: hot, humid, and full of blood-sucking insects. The date takes place at around the late 1990's and the early 2000's. Tangerine County used to be Tangerine capital of the world, but the county started cutting down all the plantations to make home development communities. Paul's development, Lake Windsor Downs, is based right next to Lake Windsor, a man-made lake full of koi fish.
The theme of the novel is courage. Courage is displayed throughout the book in many ways, and three of the major events that showed courage are mentioned below.
-The first event was when Paul saved the kids from the collapsing portable in the sinkhole. Paul demonstrated courage by, without hesitating, risking his life to go back to the sinkhole to save the kids.
-The second event was when Tino stood up to Erik for him and his friends. Despite the fact that by standing up to Erik meant to insult Erik back, he still showed bravery by standing up to someone who is much older and bigger.
-The last event was when Paul told the police in front of everybody that Erik and Arthur were connected to the murder of Luis. Paul demonstrated courage by finally standing up against Erik and telling the truth of the bad things Erik has done, instead of being a coward and telling a lie or not saying anything at all.
-Tino displays his courage throughout the book by standing up for him and his friends, even if he does it in an unjust way. For example, Tino stood up against Erik when Erik insulted Tino and his friends, even though Erik was a bigger and older and that Tino insulted him back made it worse.
-Tino is vengeful because if anything bad happens to his friends or family, he wants revenge. For instance, Tino went to Erik after the death of Luis, and picked a fight with him and beat Erik up.
-This is word that can describe Tino because he is one of the the star players on his soccer team.
These are the three main characters of the story.
-Erik is the star of his football team as a placekicker.
-Erik only does what pleases him and he doesn't help others.For example, Erik uses Arthur to do his work.
-Erik was a bully to everyone, especially younger kids. For example, if any of Paul's friends are over, Erik will just insult them, and one time Tino stood up for himself when Erik insulted him, Erik hit Tino in the face out of anger.

-Paul is courageous because he finally stands up against Erik and tells the police that Erik is an accomplice of the murder of Luis.
-Paul demonstrates his determination when he uses all his effort to do his activities, such as soccer, despite the obstacle of being legally blind.
-the time when Paul displayed his heroic trait was when he risked his life to save the children from the collapsing portable in the sinkhole.
Quote 1: "But I can see. I can see everything. I can see things that Mom and Dad can’t. Or won’t." -Paul Fisher
I found this quote interesting because Paul is not really explaining about his eye sight, but his and their perspective of his brother, Erik. Paul sees everything bad Erik has done, but when he tells his parents, they won't listen or even take the truth under consideration.
Quote 2: “Don’t spend your life under the bleachers, little brother. The truth shall set you free.” -Antoine Thomas
I found this quote interesting because Antoine is telling Paul to step out of the shadows of his older brother and if he starts telling the truth about Erik then he'll be free from "the Erik Fisher football dream" that governs Paul's life.
Quote 3: "When I finally looked right into Erik's eyes, I was surprised by what I saw. It was not hatred, or even anger. It was more like sorrow. Or fear." -Paul Fisher
When Paul looked at Erik after he hit Tino in the face, he sees that Erik has a concerned look of sorrow or fear on his face. I found this quote interesting because Paul might have realized that Erik's bad intentions were caused because he is out of control, and that maybe Erik fears himself because he might get himself into bad situations because of this.
This book is about a boy named Paul Fisher who moves from a big town in Texas to a small community in Tangerine County, Florida. His older brother, Erik, is a football star and is famous throughout Texas for his astounding achievements as a place kicker. Paul starts off at Lake Windsor Middle School where he meets his new friend Joey Costello, whom convinces Paul to try out for the school soccer team. Since Paul has an IEP and is handicapped from being legally blind, he is restricted from joining the school soccer team, and that really upsets him for a while. Later, Mike Costello, Joey's older brother, is killed at his football practice by a freak accident where Mike is stuck by a lighting bolt, and after this, Paul and Joey's friendship starts to fade away. Soon after that, a sinkhole breaks loose under Lake Windsor Middle School and it sucks in all the schools portables including one that still contained Children, so Paul and Joey went over and helped evacuate the children from the portable with the possibility of getting themselves killed.The principal gives each student the option to enroll again to finish the semester at the school or enroll at Tangerine Middle School, Paul chose Tangerine because he wanted to start a new school life and play soccer. Paul tried out for the Tangerine soccer team knowing that he would not be a starter because his skill compared to the others was not that great, but what Paul did find hard to do was befriending the other guy players because they made fun of Paul, but he ignored it. Paul eventually became friends with one of the players named Tino, who was Theresa's (one of Paul's other friends)brother, and they both invited Paul to come meet their brother Luis to learn more about tangerine's for a project they were working on. Paul learns lot about tangerines from Luis and finds out that Luis is a really nice person, so Paul decided to invite Tino and Theresa to his house to write the report on the project because he is the only one who has a computer. While they are outside, Erik and Arthur come home and decide to insult Paul's friends, so Tino decides to stand up for them which ends up with Erik smacking Tino in the face. Luis confronts Erik at his football practice about this, so Erik tells Arthur to hit Luis with a blackjack; Luis eventually dies from an aneurysm. Paul tells the truth to the police that Erik and Arthur were connected to his death, and Erik finally gets in trouble for his actions. This is the end to the "Erik Fisher football dream".
10 Main Events
Paul moves from Houston, Texas to Tangerine County, Florida.
Paul finds out he is ineligible of joining the Lake Windsor Middle School soccer team due to his IEP for his eyesight that his mom signed him up for.
A sinkhole collapses the school.
Paul enrolls at Tangerine Middle School.
Paul is invited by Tino and Theresa to go over to their house to meet their brother Luis, the inventor of the golden dawn.
Erik smacks Tino in the face because Tino stood up to him for his friends.
Luis confronts Erik about what he did to Tino, so Erik tells Arthur to hit Luis in the head with a blackjack.
Tino gets revenge by attacking Erik and Arthur with his friend Victor; Paul jumps on Coach Donnely whom is holding Tino down to help Tino escape.
Paul tells the police that Erik and Arthur are both suspects of Luis's death.
Paul is expelled from Tangerine Middle School for his actions at the ceremony where Tino attacks Erik.
presented by
Max Luna
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