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Kinematic Comparison of Three Postural Limits of Stability T

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Alyse Armstrong

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Kinematic Comparison of Three Postural Limits of Stability T

Background and Significance
Estimated 22% of people over 65 years of age fall at least 1x/year
Consequences of falls include:
Traumatic Brain Injuries
Decreased functional independence
Rising healthcare costs
Kinematic Comparison of Three Postural Limits of Stability Tests in Older Adults
Previous studies have evaluated the reliability and validity of Limits of Stability Tests
Limits of Stability Test (LOS) ®
Multidirectional Functional Reach
Sway Sled Test
Limits of Stability (LOS)
Best predictor of a
future fall is:
History of 2+ unexplained falls
1 fall with injury in the past year
The current approach fails to predict a first fall
Research has found that these tests have differing
abilities to distinguish fallers from non-fallers
This study aims to

Compare the movement strategies
used to maintain dynamic balance
during each test
Kinematic analysis will demonstrate
differences in how these tests
are performend
Inclusion Criteria:
65 years or older of age
No falls within the past 6 months
Fewer than 4 medications
No surgery within the past 2 years
No comorbidities that could affect balance
Pass the mini-COG
Multidirectional Functional Reach
Sway Sled
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