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The USA - Geography

No description

Carlos David

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of The USA - Geography

America's Hometown (Pilgrims, Mayflower Compact)
First Thanksgiving Feast CAMBRIDGE
Harvard University (1636) BOSTON
Boston Tea Party
Center of the "Abolitionist Movement" (they reacted strongly against the "Fugitive Slave Act")
Boston Accent: non-rhotic / bath, path(Kennedy Familiy associated with it) Continental Congress PHILADELPHIA Dutch, German and Sweden immigration Washington, Jefferson, Lee, were born here Together with Rhode Island, 1st to break away from British Rule
First to have a State Constitution
Poet Robert Frost "Slater Mill", beginning of
Industrial Revolution Tradition of Independence Sovereign State
Maple Syrup Massachusetts Rhode Island 1623, first settlement: a fishing camp with 10 inhabitants (all men). 8 years later: 80 colonists arrived (32 women) New Hampshire Pennsylvania Virginia CONNECTICUT Dutch and English settlers
Written documents of FUNDAMENTAL ORDERS to run their colony (that's why "Constitution State")
2008, after Massachusetts, second state to accept marriages of same-sex couples New Jersey Dutch, Swedish settlements
Princeton University (top-ranked along with Harvard, 2012)
Edison (born in Ohio)
First Motion Picture Industry (1907)
Music: Sinatra, Bon Jovi, W. Houston, L. Hill, Jonas Brothers, B. Springsteen "The First State" (they were the 1st to ratify the constitution)
DuPont Company (1802, gunpowder mill) (chemicals developed: nylon, neoprene, teflon) DELAWARE MARYLAND Mainly Catholics (George Calvert, a colony for Catholics)
Over 400 biotechnology companies Washington DC WEST VIRGINIA It broke away from Virginia during the Civil War and joined the Union
Appalachian Mountains (raw materials) North Carolina Tobacco in the past, more industrial nowadays (biotechnology center)
Jazz Musicians
First Flight - 1903 (Wright Brothers, born in Ohio) Named by Charles II after Charles I
The settlers split into 2 (North -tobacco/South -rice because of Political Reasons)
First State to ratify the Articles of Confederation
Hurricane Area South Carolina GEORGIA Named after George II
Cherokee Nation (Indian Removal Act - Trail of Tears)
Capital: Atlanta (world's busiest airport, Olympic Games 1996)
Ray Charles, REM, B-52's MAINE 1st settlement was French, then English
Shipbuilding companies
beautiful landscapes
Stephen king ("Carrie" is set in Maine) Mount Rushmore, South Dakota Carved into granite
Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln
1927-1941 - Borglum
Controversy: lands taken from Amerindians + proof of the Manifest Destiny ("Racial Superiority" since the 4 annexed Native American lands breaking their promises) UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY (1869) Physicist Robert Oppenheimer, director of Manhattan Project From LA to Las Vegas MICHIGAN Detroit, home to the American Automobile Industry
(Ford, General Motors, Chrysler)
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