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Archaic Prezi videos (2000-2008)

No description

Adam Somlai-Fischer

on 22 May 2016

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Transcript of Archaic Prezi videos (2000-2008)

Archaic Prezis & old prezi videos
RCA lecture
KIBU concept map
* or similar looking presentations before we called them prezi, made by us
(royal college of art, london)
Adam Somlai-Fischer and Peter Sandor Nagy create a zooming navigation for the renowned Miralles Tagliabue architects in Barcelona. Being bored of 2D websites, Adam learns a little coding so he can build this spatial experience on the web.
Adam becomes an artist, and creates zooming presentations about his work. This above is for the 2006 Venice Biennale for the 'reorient' group show.
The name Prezi is chosen by Peter Arvai
1st prezi meeting
1st prezi desktop interface
Lectures by Adam using home made version of prezi
prototype made at kibu, we called it 'zuiprezi' for zooming user interface
ice cream for everyone!
very old prezi UI
Peter & Adam start to believe in the idea of a startup
that is Peter Halacsy pinch zooming with 2 hands :)
20 million amazing people use prezi around the world
product now called prezi, company founded, Peter Arvai CEO, and our 1st promo video: beautiful and senseless
more of the same
These start to look like prezi
The funniest ones
interest in zooming spaces starts
logo experiments
website from 2009
Prezi launched
people start using it
we used this prezi to sell the idea of Kitchen Budapest media lab
to Hungarian Telekom
Peter Arvai,
Peter Halacsy
and Adam SF
found Prezi together
Peter Arvai convinves Peter Halacsy and Adam SF to quit their jobs, forget zuiprezi hack, and start something grand
but feel they are missing someone... a 3rd founder, and later CEO: Peter Arvai
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