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How Gun Control Laws Restrict Citizens' Rights to Protect Themselves

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Nicole Bird

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of How Gun Control Laws Restrict Citizens' Rights to Protect Themselves

How Gun Control Laws Restrict Citizens' Rights to Protect Themselves "When a resident returned home one evening, he was confronted in his driveway by a man with a gun. The victim was ordered inside the residence where his family was being held hostage. Once inside, the victim was shot in the back. Wounded, he still managed to get a firearm and return fire. The alleged assailant fled on foot and was later located at a nearby residence. Both men were taken to the hospital for treatment and the victim's family was reportedly unharmed" The Reason for Gun Contol Laws *harder for criminals, juveniles and high risk individuals to obtain guns
*decrease homicide rate Laws don't keep high-risk individuals from obtaining guns
Laws do not prevent crime Effects of Gun Control According to Officer Mark Sites of the Lake Orion Police Department, there are multiple ways people get guns illegally. break into homes
buy them off people who steal guns
gun dealers
Fake IDs Implications (The Jeffersonian , Cambridge, OH, 2/29/2012). Nearly every large-scale massacre in the U.S. has occurred where guns are outlawed. Failure of Gun Control Laws Colorado Movie Theater Shooting
Columbine High School
Virginia Tech In all of these shootings, victims were disarmed by law or regulation, which did not stop the shooters from using their guns. Gun control laws punish citizens who will not commit crimes. Solutions Strict laws will increase crime rates over the years.

When more people have guns, the crime rate goes down. Focus on the source of violence rather than the guns. Guns express violence, but do not cause it. Gun control laws restrict citizen's rights to protect themselves.

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