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Copy of Vertex Dental Thermosens Presentation

Vertex Dental Thermosens

Nina Khimeche

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Vertex Dental Thermosens Presentation

Rik Jacobs
Partnership and teamwork
Challenging environment
Vertex Thermosens
Monomer free
Shrinkage < 1%
High impact characteristics
Easy to polish
No dangereous goods
For full and partial dentures
My key to success:
Impact strength & Flexural modulus
ThermoSens Injection Technique
Step by step
Separate the model
Clean the waxmodel
Embed the model
Apply the injection channel with Vertex Sprue Wax Soft
Mix the Vertex Putty properly before applying
Press the Vertex Putty firmly so that the teeth come through
Create retention in the Vertex Putty
Close the flask and tighten the screws
Embed the second half carefully
After closing let the plaster harden
Place the flask for 10 minutes in 70 degrees water to soften the wax
After 10 minutes open the flask
Remove the wax
Clean with boiling water
Make sure you see the holes in the acrylic teeth
Separate the plaster model with
Vertex ThermoFlow
Preheat the flask for 15 minutes in minimal 60 °C water and put it on the machine just before injecting
After 17 minutes medium cartridge and 18 minutes large cartridge you can inject the flask
After injection apply bench cooling for +/- 25 minutes than open the flask
Take out the denture carefully
Cut off the injection channel
Grind the edges with the Vertex HM cross standard
Equalize the surface with Vertex polishers
Use only Vertex ThermoGloss and Vertex
polishing brush microfiber for finishing
Final finish with the Vertex brush felt cloth
Teethholder & Duplication material
Thermo Injector
Laboratory machinery & Flasks
Vertex Putty
Vertex Teethholder
ThermoSens, Separation fluid
ThermoSens materials
Vertex Divosep for
separating gypsum
Special drill for making the holes
Sprue Wax Soft
Finishing, polishing & cleaning
Drills to work on the ThermoSens
Brushes and ThermoGloss
(separation for the ThermoSens and the gypsum)
ProClean desinfecting and cleaning agent
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