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Requirement Analysis SlidArt

No description

Valeri Natanelov

on 4 November 2016

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Transcript of Requirement Analysis SlidArt


Web portal Design
Mobile app
Android - iOS - Hybrid
Requirement analysis

document / this presentation
user stories & product owners

=> DB structure back-end
Main DB, De-normalized DB and
Elastic Search
(bulk) synchronization & indexing

=> Mobile app services

mobile user registration; authentication, batch data sending to mobile - based on radius NOT closest location (randomized) AND on #preferences

=> Data import(er)
Data importer (.csv .tsv .xml only?)
Distinguish each import
"Find duplicate" from all imports based on any variable of the master template
Mass tagging of items per import
Auto tagging based on column import
Manual Fill (for any field) in the Field Mapping page
Download images with each import

=> Scraping of data (wikidata)
1) extraction script and data acquisition
2) find the linked missing data & import
3) images extraction and linking

=> other "imports"
(eg: Europeana data)

=> full DataBase backup (contambo & AWS) images & data!
Development - code
hosting & resources required (consider huge amounts of data in future)

=> Front end (design implementation)

=> Registration & Profiles (DB sync)
3 User profiles - Galleries (most extensive one); artists; and user
User Registration process (see
Gallery registration page = most extensive)
social media integration (sign in / login with***)
Link social media accounts
Activation / verification mail
Mobile user can login with FB (or mail?)

=> Upload artwork (sync to DB)
auto-sync to DB
Single page for each item (+QR code)
Overview of uploads (portfolio)/"manage artworks"
Social media sharing buttons

=> History
("Notifications" - linked to mobile notifications for user)
Mobile app (hybrid)

Main framework
swiping feature

Location Data Background Service
Wifi and GPS Monitoring
google map integration with location
Notifications functionality real time
Notification "history" (heart)

swipe data sent to back-end (linked to user id & product id)
weak internet (speedtest)

Facebook integration and other required plugins

google playstore publishing
app store publishing (iOS)

Source Code Labeling, Documentation and Cleanup
Google Analytics - android & iOS app analytics

Terms & Conditions (web)
Terms & Conditions (app)
Social Media
Marketing (action-plan)
Promotional Material (visuals/video)

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