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Draeam vacation to Italy: by: Christian Pumpelly

No description

Christian Pumpelly

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Draeam vacation to Italy: by: Christian Pumpelly

ITALY U.S.A Dream Vacation To Italia
By:Christian Pumpelly My journey to Italy is sure to be fun
but like any journey YOU have to PLAN it Would you plan your trip in the blistering cold tundra of northern Canada? :( That is why I am going to Italy in the Spring :) The weather will be beautiful with the flowers all perked up I will be flying on a Boeing
747 airplane(they have panels for movies on the back the seats) June 7, 2013 at 6:05 AM is my flight time and it will cost me $1750 for a round trip(without buying anything there And here is my map, starting from
Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado
to... My hotel is the
Benito Elcavienti located
in Florence It is the best hotel around
and it only costs $890 for 5 nights(yes, I love coupons) Just some of the highlights of my Hotel The currency of Italy is the Euro 1 Euro=1.316695 U.S. Dollars or 1 U.S. Dollar=0.759498 Sadly, the Euro is worth more The language of Italy is very close to Latin Ciao = Hello

Come stai? = How are you?

Please, Thank you = Prego

Yes = Si No = no There are a lot of unique places in Italy like the Colloseum or the Forum For my trip, I will go to the colloseum and that general area for
4 hours and it will cost me $85.50 Then in that same day I will go for a drive all the way to the Forum and this will cost me $60 On the second day I will go to the Spanish steps and go on a tremendous tour through Rome The streets there are very narrow and made of cobblestone Day 2 Then I will grab a cup of coffee
and visit a wonderful fountain where I can see the beautiful sculpturres All of this plus the taxi will cost about $50 Day 3 Today I will travel for 45 minutes to Vatican City I will visit the museum outside
and go inside the cathedral The cathedral is still in use by
monks an bishops and of course the Pope This will be a wonderful
experience The inside is even more magnificent than the outside Day 4 After a 2 hour train ride going 210 mph I will arrive in Florence This is where Italy's farming is We will stay in one of
our friends ranches for a day and have a wonderful dinner They farm grapes and meat for their food It will cost me $50
per night(food is free) Day 5 Today we went to the
wonderful city of Venice It is very beautiful and we will ride the gondalas to get across town Sadly Venice will sink into the ocean in about 20 years Some Photos
of Venice This will cost me
$230 with the hotel and food Food Food in Italy is very unique Some meals include;
1.Pasta e Fagioli(noodle and bean soup)
2.Fettucine Alfredo(pasta with cheese)
3.Salt Imbocca alla Romana
(veal scallops with sage and prosciatto) Also... 4. Lentil soup with Cannoli(soup with
soft "enchilada" stuffed with meat, Italian style 5. St.Lucas dinner( holiday in Italy for Catholics
consists of cannoli, champagne, soup, garlic bread, and some other variations) Drinks in Italy are coffee(expressoin morning
and cappuccino in afternoon), wine(varies where you
are, Ex. in northern Italy it is more white wine, and in the south it is red wine) Gilato is also a nice treat in Italy too Food cont. Customs 1. How to dress In Italy you have to be fashionable and
not look like a tourist Look dressy;
Men Women
Long pants Dress
Polo shirts Have Purse in city
Flats High heels
Stick with black Stiletto(just in case) No backpacks unless hiking in the forests Customs cont. 2.Dinner Manners 1.No hands in lap
2.No elbows on table
3.Handshake is with direct eye contact
4.Host gives first toast and only when he/she eats may you eat
5.Fork is in left hand and knife in right
6.Do exactly what the host does AFTER
he/she does it Always respect people at all
times Customs cont. 3.Meeting someone 1.Italians are guided by first impressions
3.Punctuality is not mandatory
4.Once relationships start, air-kiss them on both cheeks or for men it is a good pat on the back Suit and ties are
Fashionable Don't act like a tourist Italian
Holidays Dec.1:San Silvestro (St.Silvester's Day)

Nov.1:Ognissanti ( All Saints Day)

Oct.5:Festa della Libierazione (Italy's Liberation)

Apr.25:Capodanno (New Years) Interesting Facts 1.Italy has the most earthquakes and most active volcanoes in all of Europe 2.Parmesan cheese came from Parma, Italy 3."Italia" means "Calf Land" 4.The colors of Italy's flag simbolize; Green=Hope, White=Faith, and Red=Charity My Suitcase I will stay for 5 days in Italy so I will bring...
1.Toothbrush+toothpaste(travel size)
2.Lots of contacts
3.Camera(with video)
4. 7 pairs of socks
5. 2 pairs of shorts
6. 2 pairs of jeans
7. 3 short-sleeve shirts
8. 2 long-sleeve shirts
9. 2 pairs of shoes(1 running and 1 dress shoe)
10. Sunglasses
11. And most importantly... My Dad's
Wallet!!!!!! Bibliography en.allexperts.com/a/Italian-Culture-2880/Italian-Clothing-1.htm


investing.money.msn.com/investments/currency-converter-calculator And of course, Prior Knowledge My total cost for the whole trip plus the food is $2300 hi Yeah! That's ME!! My DAD A natural resident of Italy
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