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Parliament vs. US government

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jessica guerrero

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Parliament vs. US government

Parliament vs. The US Government
dual-house national legislatures and prominent political parties.
The parliament holds most of the power, similar to the U.S congress
The House of Commons holds a similar power as the U.S congress
Nobody in the U.S or British government has too much power

Parliamentary leaders from nearly 140 countries have pledged to do their utmost to reconnect people with democracy in an ambitious and far-reaching declaration adopted at the end of a three-day global summit in New York.
In November 1236, Henry III (1216-1272) adjourned a law case to a 'parliament' which was due to meet in January the following year - the very first occasion the term 'parliament' was recorded in an official document of the English crown.

The Parliament of England was the legislature of the Kingdom of England.
1066, William of Normandy introduced a feudal system
English Parliament is said to find its foundation 750 years ago on January 20

US Government
In presidential systems, elections are held according to a strict schedule; in a parliamentary system, they may be called at any time.
The U.S. Constitution is the only institution established by Congress
The executive is completely separated I from the legislature. The members of executive are not the members of the legislature.

US Government
The most conspicuous difference between the two choices lies in the concept of separation of powers that characterizes the American system.
In a presidential system, the executive and legislative branches are completely separate; in a parliamentary system the executive--the prime minister--is also a member of the legislative branch.

US Government
The executive is completely separated I from the legislature. The members of executive are not the members of the legislature.
The executive is not accountable to the II legislature. The legislature cannot remove the executive from power] through no-confidence motion.
In the Presidential government, i same person is head of state as well as head of government.

US Government
In the Presidential system, the President is most powerful.
In the Presidential system, the President appoint persons from outside the legislature as minister.
In the Presidential system, executive has a fixed tenure normally, the executive head (President) stays in power for the whole term. It is not easy to remove him from power through impeachment.

The word 'parliament', derived from the French parliament, or Latin parliamentum, meant, in essence, 'discussion'.
In 1327, Queen Isabella and her lover Mortimer used parliament to furnish their deposition of Edward II with the vital ingredient of popular assent and support.
It developed naturally out of the daily political needs of the English King and his government.
One of the oldest continuous representative assemblies in the world.
By the late 15th century, Parliament had become such an important institution that it gained its own independent officials and organisation.
1215:King John agreed to Magna Carta which stated the right of the barons to consult with and advise the king in his Great Council
In the Parliament there are 1,410 seats
Under the British Constitution, there is a fusion, or concentration, of legislative and executive powers in the elective, lower house of Parliament, the House of Commons.


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