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Copy of Substantiated vs. Unsubstantiated Opinions

1/18 Lesson

Judy Barry

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Substantiated vs. Unsubstantiated Opinions

Check out one last video clip...
What makes an argument effective?
And one more thing...
English I
A personal belief, viewpoint, or judgment
A verified, proven, confirmed opinion
An opinion that has not been verified, proven or confirmed
What is an opinion?
Substantiated Opinion
Unsubstantiated Opinion
Objective: Today we will
between opinions that are substantiated and unsubstantiated in the text.
An opinion can be either substantiated or unsubstantiated
"That is a bright student."
"That student always gets the highest test scores."
"That student is so bright, she must study every day."
Using the product you were given, create a 60 second commercial that will persuade the class to buy your product. In this commercial you must include at least one substantiated and one unsubstantiated opinion. Be prepared to explain to the class which of your opinions were substantiated and unsubstantiated.

Your group should have the following roles:
1.Coach (Keep them focused.)
2. Record Keeper (You do the writing)
3. Time Keeper (Make sure they know what time it is)
4. Reporter (You will be the mouth of the group)
Watch video 1 and tell me what you think...
Now try it with your group...
Now watch video 2 and tell me what you think now...
Which of the following is substantiated by the information provided?
A. Pregnant women can not sit the way Beyonce did in her interview
B. Beyonce's need to maintain her "perfect" body has led her to fake her pregnancy
C. Different camera angles and oversized dresses can provide different perceptions of reality

Which of the following is not substantiated by President Obama in the video?
A. Small businesses can all afford to provide health insurance to their employees
B. Businesses that can afford insurance for their employees and don't should be fined
C. McCain misinterpreted Obama's health care plan
You have 15 minutes! Most creative group gets a trip to the bunny bucket!
Although an opinion cannot be proven to be true, it can be substantiated. This means it can be backed up with enough evidence to make the claim seem very likely to be true. In informational text writers often include support for their opinions in:
--relevant examples
--expert opinions
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