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HiL Valitation System

Development of the whole system, the motivation and the needs

Toni Jiménez

on 19 July 2012

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Transcript of HiL Valitation System

Motivation and Needs for the automatic validation system in infotainment 2. Motivation 1. Goal Implement a system to automate the verification of the different infotainment devices, in terms of communication and functionality. Improving their security and reliability before they have been embedded in vehicle. Benefits of testing Decreased development cycle of the devices. More demanding control, increasing the reliability and safety of the final product. More completed and standardized Error Reports. Time savings due to the possibility of testing after hours. Delete unnecessary burden on the operator tasks, reducing fatigue and frustration, so they can focus primarily on non-automated creative tests. It allows us to create situations, that in normal conditions, an user cannot create Thanks to automation... The new errors, due to new infotainment features, directly affect the quality of the final product. So, new features stop being an advantage to become a weakness in the market and directly affecting the brand image. Our Current Test Process by Project Control Engineers, Nowadays, global testing in EE5 is done Manually spending 2 or 3 days per week testing. Consequences It appears fatigue in the tester due to the monotony of the tests.

Less number of tests for new software.

Waste of exisiting Human Resources. 2 Types of Testing Functional Basic Tests.

Creative Tests. Basic Test is a repetitive and monotonous process. Furthermore Report Generation For each error found, we have to complete a very extended ticket. The report Generation becomes repetitive and heavy, so we do not do it properly. There are thousands of different tickets, and they are growing as well as the complexity of the system grows. Our current test process is going to collapse. Then, we need new tools to deal with this issue. In our current validation process, there are different process susceptible to be automated, especially those that spend more time and are more tedious for the tester. Test Process in Consortium Toni Jimenez
28/04/10 They are automating the most basic tests and the report generation We have developed the basis of a "HiL automated validation system". In accordance with these requirements: Test most of infotainment functionalities.

Easy to update adding new functionalities.

Be compatible with the other consortium HiL systems.

Easy way to program test.

Customized Report Generation. 3. Automation Our Automation System Current State of our HiL We have designed, chosen, made and purchased all the different parts of the validation system.
We have integrated all the hardware into the system and we have tested them.
We have all the software we need installed on our system. Tasks to do Learn how VW software and testcases work.

Set up all software.

Create new testcases for our devices.

Add new modules to our system. Nowadays, the consortium members have their own HiL department, with staff programming testcases, adding new function modules, improving existing software, etc. We have defined the basis for a future HiL System. But, if we do not invest in it, it will not have any utility.
Furthermore, if SEAT does not have an automatic test system for infotainment, we will not be able to test with the same quality (with manual process) than the other consortium members are doing. We need,
A significant injection of Human Resources, to adapt consortium tests to our needs.
A larger involvement of the current staff in EE5, to distribute HIL develpment into departments according to the functional modules they use. Our current staff in HiL System development one person* *Up to three in short term The problem is Our Needs Therefore, Thank you,

Questions or Comments? 4. Needs
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