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No description

Kung Wing Ting

on 28 March 2012

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Transcript of AKIRA

Colonel represents a strength side of the government.
The fever of religion.
People are waiting the coming of Akira God. They use lots of methods to gather people, and let them to welcome the new god, although they do not have any concept before.
The doctor was more likely to stay with the beauty and make a non-returnable situation. Finally, he destroy himself.
Memory Scenes
Behind The Scenes

NO.28 of 40childen,is 1988 Tokyo the culprit of the explosion. He was a boy had staggering of super powers, its capacity was far higher than people can imagine. After the Tokyo explosion, Akira was freeze and enter to the sleep status. When Tetsuo Shima out of control, Masaru (codename #27), Takashi (codename #26) and Kiyoko(清codename #25) called Akira to resuscitated to help them took away Tetsuo Shima.
In 1988, Tokyo had a occur explosion and destroy all of Tokyo, resulting in serious injury or death. After 31 years, 2019, the ablaze with lights of new Tokyo was rebuilt. However,
behind this bustling had filled with the ubiquitous ugly, the conflict between demonstrators and police and army, between small gangs of fighting, economic depression and social and political turbulence
. New Tokyo
addition to violence, it seems only had decadent.
The country's fate rests in the hands of the Supreme Council, so that, the military has been in secret with a study called "
Shotaro Kaneda and Tetsuo Shima since childhood in the orphanage know friends. Led by Kaneda of the bosozoku in fight with another bosozoku (Clown Gang), the members of Tetsuo fighting with one of the members of the Clown Gang and hit super-ability children (Masaru) and seriously injured.
Government military soon came to take away Masaru, while Tetsuo was also take away with the military.
Since to this accident, Tetsuo has opened up extraordinary mysterious force, and the amazing ability, and indeed the
match with Akira
. Tetsuo had overridden all of the ability, he was slowly to find out that willpower is strong enough army to contend, modern weapons were also unable to deal with him. Then Tetsuo had been dissatisfied with Kaneda to protection him, he began frantically do whatever with his want and found out Akira to challenge with him.
Tetsuo Shima

Kaneda Shotaro friends, lack of confidence. After traffic accident, he opened the extraordinary mysterious power, this power matched with Akira. Also has high strength super capacity of Tetsuo decided the liberation of the slumber of Akira to challenge him, but he could not control the strength of his body and caused the scourge.

A member of anti-government organizations, K was female. Late she had supernatural powers, but do not know its ability was opened of her self or Masaru, Takashi and Kiyoko given.
Masaru( codename #27)
Takashi(codename #26)
Kiyoko(codename #25)

Akira's fellow psychic test subjects. They exhibit a variety of paranormal powers which they use to influence the course of events to the best of their ability. While individually of lesser strength than Akira or Tetsuo, their combined effort proves decisive in the story's final confrontation. Physically, they resemble children with wrinkled faces, white hair and blue-green skin.

A carefree gang leader who has a custom-modified motorcycle. Kaneda and Tetsuo have been best friends since early childhood. He is brash and not above teasing Tetsuo despite feeling affection for him as a younger brother. Upon rescuing Kei, Kaneda becomes involved in the activities of her group of anti-government guerrillas in hopes of locating Tetsuo.
Behind The Scenes
- The total pictures are as high as 150000

- The staff joined also as high as 1300 people

- 327 types of colour

- Glass breaks, smog, flame, explosion, radiation are also shown by handmade pictures
“Where is the power of human?”
“Recap with the evolution of human , the power was came from mono-cell?”
He thinks that the brain in the body was not come for “learning”.But release by some “energy” from heart.
From the (Akira) World, The most important concept is “anarchy”
Kiyoko (Lab #25 tester) : “Everyone’s body should contain the power of “AKIRA””.
Kaneda : “Who?”
Kiyoko : “When the power is ready, as there is not ready, that person still need to select how to use the power, and he did a choice: Tetsuo is our new companion. We have respectability to know what he do.” ~ Film <<Akira>>
Cheung Wai Shan Angela
Kung Wing Ting

In Akira, the music was the create by the composer and engineer Tsutomu Oohashi, played by Geinō Yamashirogumi. The music of this movie was used the traditional
Indonesian Gamelan Percussion
, also it used the electronic music formation the sound was full of sci-fi sense, so
that more people could recognize the Gamelan music.
Colonel Shikishima(The Colonel)

The current head of the ongoing government project which was responsible for inadvertently unleashing Akira's power thirty years earlier. Appearing tough and ruthless, he is nevertheless pragmatic enough to recognize the danger Tetsuo's fledgling powers pose and cares genuinely for the three Espers under his supervision.
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